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16 Mar 2017 Training Thursdays: Oracle Linux is Engineered for Oracle Cloud [61621]
By Antoinette O'Sullivan

Antoinette writes, "Oracle Linux is engineered for Oracle Cloud. This operating system:

  • Is designed for business-critical workloads in the cloud
  • Uses latest technologies such as Docker
  • Is a major contributor to mainline Linux cloud features
  • Powers Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Cloud

To get the most out of Oracle Linux, take the Oracle Linux advanced administration training. If using Oracle Linux 7, take the Oracle Linux 7: Advanced Administration course in one of the following formats:.."
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16 Mar 2017 Comparing Docker Containers To Virtual Machines (Video) [61524]
Network Computing, March 16th, 2017

"In this GNS3 video, David Bombal explains what makes Docker so popular.

Docker, one of the hottest technologies today, is now supported by the GNS3 network simulation platform. In this video, part of a GNS3 series, David Bombal provides an overview of Docker and explains how Docker containers compare to virtual machines. He shows how Docker's architectural differences enable efficiency..."
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15 Mar 2017 Docker's Big Differentiator From VMs: Density [61558]
Container Journal, March 15th, 2017

"What makes Docker containers so popular and more attractive in some cases than virtual machines? The answer is density. Here's what it means and why it matters.

In the context of computing, density refers to the number of objects that a single physical server can run at one time. If a server can host lots of apps at once by making full use of its resources, it supports a dense deployment environment. In contrast, if the server only runs a handful of apps and its total capacity is underutilized, then it's a sparse environment..."
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12 Mar 2017 Docker 101 and 5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Kinect For Windows 10 UWP [61407]
Thursday, March 16th, 2017: 6:30 PM to ..

Microsoft Innovation Center @ Venture Hive - Miami

Beware the Ides of dotNet Miami! This month we've got two presentations that will blow your mind. Microsoft MVP Dwight Goins will be back but this time he's got a Kinect and he's not afraid to use it! Dwight will show us how we can use the Kinect in our own Windows applications. Be prepared to create the next great app using motion controls. Then, Peter Faria will give us an introduction to one of the hottest technologies today, Docker. This is another can't miss dotNet Miami meeting.

Richie Rump, Dave Nicolas, Janier Davila
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12 Mar 2017 Docker Birthday #4 Celebration [61256]
Wednesday, March 15th, 2017: 5:45 PM to ...

Moonlighter Makerspace - Miami

To celebrate together and warmly welcome newcomers into our community, we will provide Docker labs and courses to learn about Docker in a fun and inviting way.

Are you an advanced user? We strongly encourage Docker users of all skill levels to attend! We need a network of mentors who understand the Docker platform to answer any questions that attendees working through the courses and labs may have. We also have some fun projects you can work on.

Luis Rodriguez, Mario Cruz
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