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Articles for the keywords: DevOps
13 Jun 2017 Here's Why Release Managers Are Crucial To DevOps [64283]
ITProPortal, June 13th 2017

"DevOps is not the threat that release managers believe it to be...

Due to the accelerated pace of delivery, decentralization of control, and other disruptions that come with DevOps, many career release managers today are feeling a little off balance. Software deployment teams are operating more independently and complexity is growing exponentially (in no small part due to many small, interdependent changes being continuously deployed to production). The idea that one person or team can coordinate the planning and delivery of it all is being tested to the breaking point..."
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13 Jun 2017 DevOps Research Says Practice Yields Benefits Beyond Code [64271]
InformationWeek, June 13th 2017

"Survey: Organizations that adopt disciplined DevOps thrive in ways that remain difficult for others; automation, quality, continuous delivery.

Over the course of six years, the DevOps Research and Assessment consulting firm has conducted 27,000 interviews among DevOps practitioners. It's latest, The State of DevOps Report, summarizes the results of 3,200 interviews this year and contains a simple conclusion: DevOps is become a widely accepted method of transforming the organization..."
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12 Jun 2017 Embedding Ownership: A Devops Best Practice [64275], June 12th 2017

"From where I sit in the DevOps community, there is often more focus on dev than on ops. Damon Edwards (@damonedwards) of SimplifyOps sought to change that with his talk, 'Ops Happens: DevOps Beyond Deployment,' at the All Day DevOps conference.

Damon dove right into the primary, systemic force behind most DevOps problems: silos. The product development process goes like this: Planning-->Dev-->Release-->Operate. The problem lies in the tendency of many enterprises to place similar functions together. Everyone ends up in a silo. Then walls build up between the silos. Eventually, people only know life in their silo, making handoffs even harder..."
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12 Jun 2017 How To Get Started With Containerization [64287]
InfoWorld, June 12th 2017

"Given how truly disruptive containers are, it's easy to get excited and want to go all in. But there's much to be gained by getting a lay of the land before you jump...

As part of my job, I regularly meet with devops people to discuss their container strategy. Most of the time, the people I talk to are eager to reap the many benefits containers offer, but they are new to working with them. They might have a container-based system or two on-premises or in the cloud, but no clear strategy..."
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12 Jun 2017 Survey: Devops Divide Grows A Little Wider [64321], June 12th 2017

"The gap between the number of organizations that have invested in DevOps is starting to narrow, and IT organizations that made the transition to DevOps earlier are starting to see accelerated returns on that investment, according to the latest survey by Puppet.

The annual 'State of DevOps Report' finds that out of 3,200 IT professionals surveyed, only 11 percent were part of organizations that could be considered high DevOps performers. High performers are deemed to have higher deployment frequencies, lower lead times for changes, better mean time to recovery (MTTR) and better change failure rates..."
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