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18 Jun 2017 DevOps - The Atlassian Way Breakfast Event [64196]
Wednesday, June 28th, 2017: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort - Ft. Lauderdale

Today, every industry is using software to distinguish themselves in a competitive market. Agile and Git adoption has sky-rocketed, but they still don't prevent silos from forming between development and operations teams.

While Agile & Git are necessary for DevOps, there's a lot more that enterprise teams can do to become more collaborative, efficient and innovative.

Join Column Technologies for a deep dive on DevOps - the Atlassian way.

Stacie Marlin, Column Technologies
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15 Jun 2017 9 Shell Tips Every Developer Should Know [64253]
InfoWorld, June 15th 2017

"Every wizened Unix hacker will have his or her own special tool set for using the command line for dev-fu. Here are mine...

The shell is your friend. But many developers don't really know the shell, the Unix or Linux command-line environment available in several operating systems. (Bash is the best known, but there are others.)

Some of you, when you transitioned from Windows to Mac, took your (slow) clickety habits with you, not realizing that the power laid in that app called Terminal hidden under Applications somewhere. Some of you have been shelling into 'the server' to tweak a setting or two without realizing that you could automate your life away without even cracking a devops tool..."
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15 Jun 2017 Code Online : Virtual Event for Developers and DevOps Engineers [64353]
By Zeynep Koch

Zeynep blogs, "Are you a developer? DevOps Engineer? Interested in coding and want to enhance your knowledge about Oracle's developer tools? Here's a great virtual event for you that you can attend without traveling.

Oracle Code Online is an online event that includes technical demonstrations and presentations from community advocates, Oracle ACEs, Product Leads and Java Champions. The content is organized into five tracks, with the individual sessions located within each one.

During each live session you will be able to chat instantaneously with any questions or comments about the presentation.

Register based on your region and attend on the day..."
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14 Jun 2017 DevOps Success: A New Team Model Emerges [64272]
The Enterprisers Project, June 14th 2017

"When DevOps began, so did a shorthand description for the model: It broke down the wall between dev and ops. The teams communicated better and operated with a shared set of objectives and concerns. At the extreme, there were no longer devs and ops people, but DevOps skill sets. But now, another view of DevOps has emerged: It's about enabling ops to provide an environment for developers, then get out of the way as much as possible.

Is this model a good fit for your business needs - and do you understand what the dev and ops teams inside your organization would need to make it work? Let's take a look..."
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14 Jun 2017 Gartner Identifies The Top Technologies For Security In 2017 [64279]
Gartner, June 14th 2017

Gartner recently highlighted the top technologies for information security and their implications for security organizations in 2017. Analysts presented their findings during the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit.

"In 2017, the threat level to enterprise IT continues to be at very high levels, with daily accounts in the media of large breaches and attacks. As attackers improve their capabilities, enterprises must also improve their ability to protect access and protect from attacks," said Neil MacDonald, vice president, distinguished analyst and Gartner Fellow Emeritus. "Security and risk leaders must evaluate and engage with the latest technologies to protect against advanced attacks, better enable digital business transformation and embrace new computing styles such as cloud, mobile and DevOps."
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