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15 May 2009 SysAdmin News Bites [21818]
Short News Items of Interest for SysAdmins

  • Logical Domains (LDoms) Mobility
  • ZFS Snapshots How-to Guide
  • Creating an OpenSSO User Data Store Using Sun Directory Server
  • Solaris Cluster 3.2, VirtualBox 2.2, 2-Node Cluster, and a Laptop
  • Resources for Administering OpenSolaris
  • Tour the James Bond Villain Data Center
  • Performance, Scaling of Intel Xeon 5500 Platforms for DNS Operations
  • Solaris Network Tuning for WebSphere Application Environment
  • A Secret of SysAdmins: Transfer Keys to All Systems
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09 Apr 2009 Electrical Design of Sun Datacenters [21558]
BluePrint Article Discusses the Next Generation of Efficiency

Shedding light on the electrical design of Sun Datacenters, this Sun BluePrint article describes the technology behind Sun’s Global Lab & Datacenter Design Services (GDS) organization. These energy-efficient, pod-based datacenters are based on Sun's technical infrastructure that brings a new generation of datacenters, labs, server and communication rooms and wiring closets.
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