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05 May 2015 C++ rules enforced in Studio 12.4 [42409]
By Darryl Gove

Darryl Gove writes, "Studio 12.4 has improved adherence to the C++ standard, so some codes which were accepted by 12.3 might get reported as errors with the new compiler. The compiler documentation has a list of the improvements and examples of how to modify problem code to make it standard compliant..."
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18 Nov 2014 New Performance Analyzer Overview screen [39282]
By Darryl Gove

Darryl Gove writes, "I love using the Performance Analyzer, but the question I often get when I show it to people, is "Where do I start?". So one of the improvements in Solaris Studio 12.4 is an Overview screen to help people get started with the tool...

The reason this is important, is that many applications spend time in various place - like waiting on disk, or in user locks - and it's not always obvious where is going to be the most effective place to look for performance gains.

The Overview screen is meant to be the "one-stop" place where people can find out what their application is doing. When we put it back into the product I expected it to be the screen that I glanced at then never went back to. I was most surprised when this turned out not to be the case..."
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28 Sep 2014 SPARC Processor Documentation [38460]
Systems Documentation

Darryl Gove writes, "I'm pretty excited, we've now got documentation up for the SPARC processors. Take a look at the SPARC T4 supplement, the SPARC T4 performance instrumentation supplement, the SPARC M5 supplement, or the familiar SPARC 2011 Architecture..."
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25 Feb 2014 Avoiding Performance Loss from RAW Hazards [35070]
by Darryl Gove

Darryl explains exactly how a processor can stall from a bad RAW operation, and the common situations that cause this problem. Then he shows you how to identify, fix, and avoid writing that kind of code. Examples included. Help your loved ones move on. Read Darryl's article.

Darryl Gove is a senior principal software engineer in the Oracle Solaris Studio team, working on optimizing applications and benchmarks for current and future processors. He is also the author of the books "Multicore Application Programming", "Solaris Application Programming", and "The Developer's Edge."
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20 Oct 2012 'Maximizing Your SPARC T4 Oracle Solaris Application Performance' [28103]
Talk by Darryl Gove at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

The slide set for Darryl Gove's talk Maximizing Your SPARC T4 Oracle Solaris Application Performance, which he delivered at Oracle OpenWorld is now available to download. His presentation addresses four topics: hardware, correctness, performance, and parallelism, and he concludes with four recommendations on optimizing for the T4 processor:

  • Profile and remove inefficient code
  • Explore benefits of increased optimization
  • Identify opportunities for parallelization
  • Profile and tune parallel code
  • Watch for hitting hardware limits

Darryl Gove is Senior Principal Software Engineer at Oracle.
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