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08 Feb 2017 Oracle Powers New Exadata SL6 with SPARC Linux [60524]
ServerWatch, February 8th, 2017

Sean Michael Kerner writes, "Oracle is doubling down on its SPARC silicon architecture, announcing a new SPARC-powered Exadata system on Feb 6. The Exadata SL6 is Oracle's first Exadata system that is not powered by Intel x86.

The new Exadata SL6 is similar in configuration to the x86-based Exadata X6-2 in that both systems are highly optimized for database workloads and both use Oracle Linux. The SL6 uses Oracle SPARC T7-2 chips, which are based on the SPARC M7 processor.Oracle Exadata SL6

The M7 design is a very dense chip, packing 32 cores and running with a clock speed of up to 4.1 GHz. The chip also has an embedded Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) engine that accelerates analytics queries..."
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28 Dec 2016 Getting a Head Start on Using Apache Spark on SPARC Servers [59332]
By Victor Castillo, Kevin Klapak, Pedro Lay, and Suman Somasundar, December 28th, 2016

"This article provides instructions for installing Apache Spark on Oracle Solaris. In today's real-time business environments, the rapid growth of big data is driving new workloads of compute-intensive analytic applications that require in-memory processing. Systems must analyze data quickly, while at the same time being able to handle sophisticated searches and more-complex machine-learning algorithms over large data sets. The new SPARC S7 processor-based servers from Oracle, powered with Oracle's SPARC S7 processor and its Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) capability, provide hardware acceleration to process a variety of big data analytic workloads. This approach reduces data transfers and leaves the CPU cores to focus on other tasks..."
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15 Aug 2016 My five favourite NetBeans features [55421]

"Continuing a series of articles focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features, here's the next part, by Damir Demirović...."

"My name is Damir (@object_brain). Friends call me Dax. I am a developer from Serbia, working at Micro Business d.o.o. We are focused on developing business solutions software strictly in Java and our main product is named BusinessWare. Our mission is developing cross-platform independent business software in order to support our clients. Until recently, we've been developing a Java Swing application, though we're about to start developing a web solution to increase availability. Therefore, recently, we started developing a Java EE application using Vaadin..."
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15 Mar 2016 Oracle Unleashes New Innovations in Data Analytics with Free and Open Interfaces to On-chip Accelerators [50769]
Analytics Added to Open Platform for Security to Enable Breakthroughs in Data Analytics Using Oracle's Software in Silicon Technology

Empowering developers to build the next generation of big data analytics platforms, Oracle released a free and open API and developer kit for its Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) in SPARC processors through its Software in Silicon Developer Program. The program also lets developers view sample use cases and program code, and to test and validate how DAX can speed up analytics applications while test driving Software in Silicon Technology.
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14 Mar 2016 What's the BIG DEAL about Oracle's Software in Silicon DAX? [50772]
By Cinzia Mascanzoni

Cinzia Mascanzoni blogs, "See this 5-minute video to learn why Oracle's software in silicon Data Analytics Accelerators, commonly called DAX, are making such big news in the data analytics space today. DAX are revolutionary Software in Silicon innovation on the SPARC M7 processor which dedicate co-processors to handle specific types of analytic operations that are common in big data analysis, Machine Learning algorithms, and Oracle Database In-Memory queries..."
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