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06 Jun 2012 SPARC T4 Server Seamlessly Integrates Hardware Crypto Acceleration [26524]
Administrators No Longer Need to Assign MAUs to Domains: T4 Does It Automatically

Not only, posts Jeff Savit, is the SPARC T4 Server blazing fast, it also features a built-in crypto accelerator. Administrators of the T4 no longer have to assign crypto accelerator units to domains as with earlier T-Series SPARC servers. Now the process is automatic. As Savit writes, "Every physical or virtual CPU on a SPARC-T4 has full access to hardware based crypto acceleration at all times." Administrators no longer have to control how they are allocated - it is available to all CPUs and virtual environments without any administrative effort, he concludes.
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19 May 2010 New Netra Blade Server for Telecoms [23151]
Oracle Announces NEBS-compliant Sun Netra 6000 System

Telecom customers looking for a cost-efficient service delivery platform for value-added networks, media services delivery, and for Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) now have the option of the Sun Netra 6000. Just launched by Oracle, the Sun Netra 6000 adds carrier-grade qualities such as Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) certification, which helps reduce cost and risk and improve time to market, and extended lifecycle support.
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29 Mar 2010 Microelectronics Innovation Just Got a Lot Bigger at Oracle [22993]
Former Sun EVP of Microelectronics Group Sees an Abundance of Opportunity

Former Sun Fellow and 20+-year Sun veteran Mike Splain is excited. As Oracle Executive Vice President and leader of Oracle Microelectronics, Splain sees the opportunity to innovate at Oracle as a much bigger playing field than he formerly had at Sun. "Now we get access to the entire stack," Splain said, as noted by Paulo Folgado on the Oracle PartnerNetwork Portugal blog. "We can look all the way through the stack and say, 'Okay, what would make the database go faster? What would make the middleware go faster?'"
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