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26 May 2014 Security Access Control With Solaris Virtualization [36634]
By Thierry Manfe

Numerous Solaris customers consolidate multiple applications or servers on a single platform. The resulting configuration consists of many environments hosted on a single infrastructure and security constraints sometimes exist between these environments. Recently, a customer consolidated many virtual machines belonging to both their Intranet and Extranet on a pair of SPARC Solaris servers interconnected through Infiniband. Virtual Machines were mapped to Solaris Zones and one security constraint was to prevent SSH connections between the Intranet and the Extranet. This case study gives us the opportunity to understand how the Oracle Solaris Network Virtualization Technology - a.k.a. Project Crossbow - can be used to control outbound traffic from Solaris Zones.
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30 Aug 2012 Creating an Active/Active IPMP for Solaris 11 [27416]
Procedure Explains Network Auto Magic Service

User 20121221 blogs on how to create an active/active ipmp configuration with Solaris 11, in which automated network configuration is managed by a Solaris service called "nwam" or "Network Auto Magic". The nawm service is turned on by default, the post explains, and must be disabled before you make changes to the settings for static IP addresses. One must also employ the "default" physical networking service and be aware that this disables the ipv6 on the interfaces, which persists across reboots. The post notes that the ipadm command is the preferred tool to manage the configuration of the interfaces.
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06 Apr 2012 OmniOS - New Addition to the illumos Familiy [25943]
With containers, crossbow, DTrace and ZFS

At the DTrace Conference, OmniTI announced OmniOS, an open source operating system for application developers in the Solaris community looking for reliable, innovative, data-intensive application deployment.

OmniTI joins a number of other distributions and projects built on the illumos kernel:

  • illumian
  • napp-it
  • NexentaStor
  • OmniOS
  • OpenIndiana
  • SmartOS
  • StormOS

The key technologies of illumos that bring significant business advantage to customers: Solaris containers, Crossbow, ZFS file system and DTrace
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27 Feb 2012 Shall I Use Zones or LDOMs? [25515]
Here's the Rationale

A user asked, "We are running/migrating to T2/T3/T4 servers, and considering for our setup the virtualization possibilities. What shall we go for, zones or ldoms?" and Karoly Vegh writes, "Zones and LDOMs are not rivalling, but complementary technologies. If you need kernelspace separation, use ldoms. But run your applications in zones within those ldoms anyway!" Especially with Solaris 11, with Crossbow, the new network virtualization technology and the possibility to run Solaris 11 native zones and Solaris10 branded zones on top of Solaris 11, you have two quite powerful technologies to really get your server's worth.
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12 Dec 2011 Integration of LDoms Networking with Networking Enhancements in Solaris 11 [25047]
Focus on Behavior of LDoms Virtual in a Solaris 11 Service Domain

The network stack for Oracle Solaris 11 has been substantially re-architected in an effort known as Project Crossbow, a main goal of which is to virtualize the hard NICs into Virtual NICs (VNICs) to provide more effective sharing of networking resources. Raghuram Kothakota blogs on how LDoms networking is integrated with all the networking enhancements in S11, mainly with project Crossbow. His post is a high-level view of how LDoms virtual switch in an S11 service domain and LDoms virtual network device in an S11 Guest domain.
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