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28 Apr 2011 Sun Blade Servers Provide Foundation for Red Sky/Red Mesa Supercomputer [24144]
Sandia National Labs Achieves Tenfold Increase in Computational Capacity, Cuts Energy Consumption, Cost by 77 Percent

RedSky/Red Mesa one of the world's fastest and most energy efficient supercomputers, housed at Sandia National Laboratories, is powered by Oracle's Sun Servers that include Sun Blade Modular Systems that employ the Sun Cooling Door System and Oracle's network fabric as foundational technologies. With this architecture in its supercomputer datacenter, Sandia has realized reductions in energy consumption and cost by 77 percent and achieved a peak performance of more than 500 trillion mathematical operations per second. The Sun Cooling Door removes 90 percent of the heat load on servers and saves 5 million gallons of water per year. Using the Lustre file system running on Sun storage servers and on Sun disk arrays, Sandia increased their storage capacity and IO performance using an Infiniband connected file system with over 6PB in capacity that delivers more than 20GB/Sec in throughput.
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30 Mar 2010 Is Raised-Floor Design Still Appropriate for Data Center Applications? [22947]
Improved Cooling Technologies, Modular IT Equipment Design Suggest Otherwise

An APC white paper by Neil Rasmussen suggests that raised-floor data center design is a model whose time has come ... and gone. Rasmussen concedes that the design practice is likely to continue despite the current evidence that highest density and highest efficiency data center power and cooling technologies specifically do not require a raised floor. Convinced of this shift in technology, Sun Microsystems, for one, had eliminated the raised floor design in building both its Santa Clara and Broomfield data centers.
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03 Aug 2009 Sun-Emerson Network Power Alliance [22160]
Goal To Improve Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Sun and Emerson Electric Co., an electrical products manufacturer, announced they will partner to offer businesses technology that improves energy efficiency in data centers. This global sales alliance will have Sun's data center efficiency consultants working directly with Emerson's local Liebert power, cooling and services specialists worldwide to assess, develop and maintain solutions for a variety of customer data center problems. The companies promise to deliver plans along with products and services for improved data center productivity and efficiency.
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17 Jun 2009 Sun Cooling Door 5200 [21719]
Chilled Water Cooling Technology Much More Efficient than Traditional Models

Sun Cooling Door 5200 is an energy efficient chilled water cooling system for Sun Blade 6048 modular system. The Sun Cooling Door 5200 has a 100% passive design (no fans or electricity required), and is much more efficient than traditional cooling systems. As a passive system, it simply leverages the air movement generated by the Sun Blade 6048 chassis fans so there are no electrical fans. This makes it more energy efficient, reliable and quieter than traditional cooling modules.
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09 Jun 2009 New Julich Supercomputer Center and its 2000 Node Sun Constellation System [21900]
One of the First Large QDR-based InfiniBand Supercomputers

The most powerful Sun technology-based computer in Europe is now online. The new Julich Supercomputer Center is supported by 2208 node Sun Constellation System and Sun Blade X6275 server modules. The Sun Constellation Systems operate with Intel Xeon processor 5570 series and communicate with each other via six newly developed "Project M9" InfiniBand switches from Sun that supply quad data rate (QDR) and up to 648 ports while slashing the amount of complex cabling required.
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