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22 Dec 2009 Deep Dive into ZFS [22464]
CommunityOne Presentation by Ben Rockwood

If you didn't attend or haven't viewed the CommunityOne presentation by Ben Rockwood on ZFS, then take some time to tune into a replay of his talk. The nearly two-hour webcast is a thorough examination of the ZFS file system. The talk covers the basics, but Rockwood delves into the subject matter more than many other presentations on the topic. It is directed at beginners as well as individuals who are familiar with ZFS but don't consider themselves quite experts.
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18 Nov 2009 AT&T's New Cloud Computing System Relies on Sun Technologies [22594]
Based on Sun's Open Cloud Platform and Sun Cloud APIs

The newly announced AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service is using Sun's Open Cloud Platform, Sun Cloud APIs and cloud reference architecture as the underlying infrastructure for its cloud offerings. This global cloud-based service is geared at creating an environment to make it easy for developers to build and deploy value-added services, as well as provide companies of all sizes simple on-demand access to scalable computing capacity.
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02 Nov 2009 Solaris News Bites [22537]
Short Items of Interest for Solaris Users

  • Solaris 10 10/09 Patch Bundle Available
  • DTrace Quick Start Guide
  • ZFS Now Offers Built-in Deduplication
  • ZFS Deduplication Features in PSARC
  • ZFS: Changing The Way You Look at Storage
  • Tuning ZFS for Sun Storage F5100 Array
  • How to 4k Align Flash on Solaris x86
  • pkgin and 5,000 Packages for Solaris 10/x86
  • Can Your x86 System Run Solaris 10?
  • Multiple LDom vdisks With the Same Backend
  • Installing Native and Branded Zones
  • Automated Backups With Inserted USB Disk/Memory Drive
  • Using Solaris Live Upgrade to Move From Solaris 8
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19 Jun 2009 Privacy, Trust, and Security in Technology [21871]
Discussion with Sun Distinguished Engineer Susan Landau

Find out what Sun is saying about privacy issues, security and building trust into system design. The discussion is led by Hal Stern with guest Susan Landau, Distinguished Engineer at Sun. How protected are we in the arena where data is exchanged, downloaded, packaged and shared with other entities?
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10 Jun 2009 Updates on Three Cloud Computing Security Projects from Sun's CommunityOne [21957]
Distinguished Engineer Glenn Brunnette Blogs on Recent Developments

Sun Distinguished Engineer Glenn Brunette addresses developments in three Cloud Computing security projects he has been associated with in a recent blog entitled "Cloud Security from Sun's CommunityOne." These projects include Security Hardened Virtual Machine Images, Cloud Safety Box, and Encrypted ZFS Backups.
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