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18 May 2017 MySQL Shell: eye candy for a future release ! [63590]
By: Lefred

Lefred blogs, "Today I presented MySQL InnoDB Cluster at the Helsinki MySQL User Group.

To demonstrate how easy it's to deploy a cluster with MySQL Shell and used the prompt that will be part of a future release just because it's beautiful.

If you also want to see how it looks like, just check the video below:..."
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11 May 2017 Docker Images for MySQL Cluster [63372]
By Trond Humborstad

Trond blogs, "We're constantly working to improve packaging and distribution of MySQL products. We have official Docker images for MySQL Server and we use Docker images to provide easy to use previews of upcoming and experimental setups and features in our products. Today we're dockerizing another major product by releasing preview Docker images for MySQL Cluster. In this blog post, we'll see just how easy it is to have your own dockerized cluster up and running in less than five minutes.

Just a brief but important note on the status of these images first: While the MySQL Cluster version in these images is a fully tested and supported GA version, the Docker image setup is still experimental and should not at this time be utilized for production purposes..."
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10 May 2017 Micron Accelerates All-Flash Storage Speed, Performance and Value with New Flexible Petabyte-Scale Enterprise Data Center Solution [63335]
Micron , May 10th 2017

All-flash Ceph reference architecture for cloud and local storage runs on Red Hat Ceph storage platform with Micron NVMe solid state drives and Supermicro Ultra SuperServer systems

Micron Technology, Inc. announced at the OpenStack Summit a high-performance, all-flash Ceph storage reference architecture that leverages the exabyte scalability of Red Hat Ceph Storage, the rack-space efficiency of the Supermicro 1U Ultra SuperServer and the speed and endurance of Micron 9100 MAX NVMe flash PCIe solid state drives. This Micron Accelerated Ceph Solution addresses the needs of enterprise storage users who must efficiently deploy software-defined storage (SDS) optimized for I/O intensive workloads. It is a 4-server node storage cluster that hits 1.1M IOPs1 and reaches 21.8 GB/s throughput, which can support 7,000+ ultra-high-definition data streams simultaneously. As the newest member of the Micron Accelerated Solutions (MAS) family of all-flash storage solutions, the NVMe reference design carries the Micron SOLID Ready seal.
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23 Apr 2017 13 Top In-Memory Database Products (Slideshow) [62523]
Information Management, April 12th 2017

"Forrester Research recently issued its Wave report looking at 13 top products for in-memory databases," writes David Weldon in Information Management.

"Five products fell into the Leader category: IBM dashDB/DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Oracle Database In-Memory/Times Ten In-Memory Database, SAP HANA and Teradata Database. Six products were named Strong Performers: Aerospike, Couchbase Server, DataStax Enterprise, Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster and VoltDB. Two products were named as Contenders: MemSQL Enterprise and Starcounter..."
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21 Apr 2017 MySQL InnoDB Cluster in Oracle Public Cloud: A Tutorial [62675]
By Francisco Tirado

Francisco blogs, "In this tutorial, we are going to guide you through the entire process of creating a 3 node InnoDB cluster in Oracle Public Cloud (OPC). We will address each of the steps, from the initial configuration and setup of the OPC IaaS resources to the InnoDB cluster creation and setup..."
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