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23 Apr 2017 Machine Learning Solutions Put A Twist On Enterprise Network Architecture [62524]
Network World, April 13th 2017

We are already seeing machine learning applied to problems such as network management, enterprise security and IoT

Peter Thornycroft writes in Network World, "Machine learning is a modern wonder, but as with any new technology, opinions differ as to what the future holds. Some label it a fad, while others see limitless applications.

We are firmly in the optimistic camp. Machine learning, even as it continues to develop, is already widely understood, and open-source libraries and cloud computing engines make the technology accessible to every software engineer. Most important, machine learning solutions are finding their way into enterprise networks. We already see machine learning applied to problems such as network management, enterprise security and IoT..."
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23 Apr 2017 Top Ten Articles for last few Issues [62500]
Vol 230 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 229 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 228 Issue 4

We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • 5 Things All Security Teams Should Be Doing (But Many Aren't)
  • What Is 4K Blu-Ray?
  • How To Make Your IT Department More Valuable: 4 Stages Of Success
  • How CIOs Can Improve Their Staff's Engagement (Slideshow)
  • IT Certifications: How Valuable Are They?
  • Salaries For Storage, Networking Pros Continue To Rise
  • How To Eliminate Enterprise Shadow IT
  • The Best VPNs 2017
  • What Matters To Project Managers
  • How CISOs can explain privacy to the C-suite

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.
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23 Apr 2017 Cloud, AI And Security Driving Network Monitoring Industry [62514]
ComputerWeekly, April 13th 2017

We explore the latest developments and trends in enterprise network monitoring and management

"Enterprise networks are evolving," notes Steve Evans in ComputerWeekly. They have to deal with more data, more devices and different locations, all while providing a fast, reliable service that does not cost the business too much money. Networks these days are far more complex than in previous years.

The network has traditionally acted like the veins of an enterprise - delivering data and services across the organisation. However, technological advances such as mobile devices, cloud computing and more recently the internet of things (IoT) have changed the nature of enterprise networks. They now push beyond the traditional four walls of a business, into the cloud and out to mobile devices..."
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21 Apr 2017 10 Interview Questions For Hiring Cloud-Literate Security Staff [62547]
CSO Online, April 21st 2017

The answers will paint a picture of whether this candidate understands cloud security

"Market researchers have been saying for a while now that organizations are having trouble finding, hiring, and retaining experienced IT security professionals with the necessary cybersecurity skills. The rise of cloud computing creates an additional hurdle to building a modern security team.

Cloud computing brings a unique set of information security challenges along with a shift in security strategy. Gartner predicts that 95 percent of cloud security incidents will be the customer's fault, so it is critical for security professionals to understand the risks and vulnerabilities associated with cloud use..."
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20 Apr 2017 The True Definition Of Cloud Computing Is Still Lost On Some IT Pros [62609]
SearchCloudComputing, April 20th 2017

The misuse of the phrase 'cloud computing' has created misperceptions of the technology. Remember that the cloud isn't a location -- it's a more agile way to design IT service

"In almost any enterprise IT shop, you are likely to see at least one laptop sticker that says, 'There is no cloud. It's just someone else's computer.' I understand that the saying is good for a laugh, but aside from that, it could not be further from the truth.

If we stick to the definition of cloud computing outlined by the U.S. government's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the cloud has five attributes: on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity and measured service. Do you notice anything on that list about location?..."
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