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11 Apr 2017 Cisco Launches Next Generation Storage Networking Innovations [62400]
Cisco, April 11th 2017

Cisco MDS Storage Networking Director Now Offer 32Gb, Analytics, Flash Memory Support, and Extended 32Gb Fabric Integration with Cisco UCS

Data stored in global data centers will increase by five-fold to reach 915 Exabyte by 2020, according to the recent Cisco Global Cloud Index. Cisco today announced technology innovations for next-generation storage networking that will help customers access, manage and automate this stored data to better enable digital business goals.

With this announcement, Cisco offers storage networking customers 32Gb fibre channel performance across an integrated MDS storage director and Unified Computing System (UCS) fabric, storage networking analytics, and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) over FC support for flash memory appliances.
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16 Jul 2009 Configuring Systems for Very High Bandwidth I/O [21964]
Enables Data-intensive Streaming Read/Write I/O Performance.

The Sun BluePrints Online paper "Configuring Systems for High Bandwidth I/O" by Kevin Colwell and Carolyn Bumatay describes a recipe for configuring systems to support the very high bandwidth I/O capabilities needed by such data-intensive applications as operational intelligence and surveillance, epidemic trend analysis and prediction, failure analysis of aircraft and ships, predictive traffic management, weather and ocean forecasting, virtual design, astronomy, human genomics, and other scientific disciplines that are data-intensive, and depend on streaming read/write I/O performance.
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01 Dec 2008 Cisco MDS 9000 Family 8Gb/s Fibre Channel Switching Modules [20954]
Delivers up to 528 8-Gbps Port Density

The Cisco MDS 9000 Family 8-Gbps Fibre Channel switching modules delivers up to 528 8-Gbps port density and twice the bandwidth of previous generation Cisco MDS Fibre Channel switching modules and enable customers to build consolidated SANs with fewer chassis, hence requiring less space, power, and cooling, dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Sun now offers the Cisco MDS 9000 Family 8Gb/s Fibre Channel Switching Modules
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