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19 Apr 2017 Cisco Expands Certification Portfolio to Drive Business Transformation [62626]
Cisco, April 19th 2017

Cisco Expands Certification Portfolio to Drive Business Transformation

In the digital era, acquiring and building talent is a critical capability for organizations working to evolve, drive better business outcomes and create new market opportunities. Cisco announced it is expanding its training and certification portfolio with offerings that enable customers to optimize technology for successful digital business transformation. Transformation enabled by cloud computing, IoT, analytics, agile data centers, cybersecurity, mobility, ubiquitous access and the programmable network is only part of the equation. In addition to technology, workforce talent is key. Successful programs require involvement of stakeholders from beyond IT - and from other areas of the organization - who bring different perspectives. The evolution of job roles in the digital age requires new skills.
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13 Apr 2017 Cisco Announces Program to Help Accelerate Digitization in Kazakhstan [62399]
Cisco, April 13th 2017

Cisco announced a planned series of initiatives in Kazakhstan to help accelerate the country's digital transformation over the next three years.

John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco, said: "The Kazakh Government has embraced an ambitious digital agenda to achieve its goal of becoming one of the top 30 global economies by 2050. Cisco is proud to partner with Kazakhstan to bring this vision to life and contribute to a strong future for the country and its citizens through digitization."
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13 Apr 2017 neteffect Offers Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions with NetApp [62426]
NetApp, April 13th 2017

NetApp converged infrastructure gives neteffect technologies the flexibility to blend on-premises and cloud services for customers

"Previous IT solutions that promised to be dynamic and expandable quickly reached their limitations, which ultimately threatened to affect our sales," says John Campbell, Chief Technology Officer of neteffect. "By combining NetApp storage with Cisco UCS servers, we have the flexibility to grow quickly while offering our customers a cost-effective disaster recovery solution and better performance at no additional cost. We're going to get a lot of longevity out of this platform."
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11 Apr 2017 Cisco Launches Next Generation Storage Networking Innovations [62400]
Cisco, April 11th 2017

Cisco MDS Storage Networking Director Now Offer 32Gb, Analytics, Flash Memory Support, and Extended 32Gb Fabric Integration with Cisco UCS

Data stored in global data centers will increase by five-fold to reach 915 Exabyte by 2020, according to the recent Cisco Global Cloud Index. Cisco today announced technology innovations for next-generation storage networking that will help customers access, manage and automate this stored data to better enable digital business goals.

With this announcement, Cisco offers storage networking customers 32Gb fibre channel performance across an integrated MDS storage director and Unified Computing System (UCS) fabric, storage networking analytics, and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) over FC support for flash memory appliances.
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05 Apr 2017 AppDynamics Spring '17 Release Empowers Application Teams to Ship Faster and More Reliably Throughout the Modern Software Development Lifecycle [62207]
Cisco, April 5th 2017

Developer Toolkit and Business iQ Set a New Standard for App Team Collaboration, from Code to Business Performance

AppDynamics, a Cisco company and the leader in application intelligence, today announced its Spring '17 release, including the AppDynamics Developer Toolkit and major updates to Enterprise iQ and Business iQ. The latest release empowers application teams to deliver impactful customer experiences faster while laying the foundation for unprecedented scale. Now, the entire business can quickly align around a single goal: continuously delivering high quality mobile and web applications faster than ever. AppDynamics customers can quickly build, deploy, measure and improve their customer experiences regardless of the environment.
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