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08 Feb 2017 Flash! A-ah! He'll save everyone of us... from sluggish disk boxes [60489]
Nexenta, February 8th, 2017

Chris Mellor writes in The Register, "All-flash arrays are now the storage choice du jour for storing fast access primary data but have not been used for storing secondary data, such as unstructured data, ordinary files and just-in-case disaster recovery (DR) data. But change is coming, driven by cheaper flash drives and the realisation that fast access to secondary data is, obviously, better than slow access..."
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20 Jun 2016 Enterprise Storage Goes Inside [53621]
StorageMojo, June 20th, 2016

"Some interesting numbers out of IDC by way of Chris Mellor of the Reg.... Note that HPE is #1.

Then the numbers for the external enterprise storage market:...

Is the internalization of enterprise storage a trend?"
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24 Oct 2015 Where Will Storage Go Over the Next 15 Years? We Rub Our Crystal Ball [46769]
The Channel Register, October 15th, 2015

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01 Apr 2015 Oracle gets ZFS filer array spun up to near-AFA speeds [41673]
Thor-like ZS4-4 soars, knocks SPC-2 score for four

Chris Mellor writes in "The Register", "Oracle's ZFS filer array has virtually matched an all-flash array in the SPC-2 streaming storage benchmark and set a new SPC-2 streaming/price/performance record [PDF].

It introduced its ZS4-4 array in December last year, as a refresh of the prior ZS3. That was rated at 17,244.22MB/sec on its SPC-2 run with a $22.53 price/performance score.

The ZS4-4 array was rated at 31,486.23 MB/sec with a price/performance rating of $17.09, heading towards being twice as fast with a better price/performance number..."
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28 Sep 2014 Flash Data Storage: Knocking TAPE off the Archiving Top Spot [38475]
The Register, September 10th, 2014

"It was a bombshell when Facebook's Jason Taylor said he would like to use flash solid-state storage as an archive medium, but his reasons made perfect sense, " writes Chris Mellor in The Register.

"Facebook users had lots of photos stored in their albums and rarely accessed them. But when they did want to look at them they wanted them to come up straight away, whether the photos were recent or five years old.

Only a particular form of flash storage could, in theory, combine the attributes Taylor wanted: low-cost, long-term, reliable storage and fast access..."
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