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17 May 2017 Cisco Reports Third Quarter Earnings [63537]
Cisco, May 17th 2017

Cisco reported third quarter results for the period ended April 29, 2017. Cisco reported third quarter revenue of $11.9 billion, net income on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of $2.5 billion or $0.50 per share, and non-GAAP net income of $3.0 billion or $0.60 per share.

"I am pleased with the progress we are making on the multi-year transformation of our business," said Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco. "The Network is becoming even more critical to business success as our customers add billions of new connections to their enterprises. We are laser focused on delivering unparalleled value through highly secure, software-defined, automated and intelligent infrastructure."
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17 May 2017 The Digital CFO Challenge [63593]
Oracle, May 17th 2017

Francois Lancon writes in Forbes, "The CFO is one of only two executives at a company (the CEO is the other) who could go to jail should the company publish misleading financial information (depending on local laws and regulations).

That possibility is something every CFO must live with, while still trying to close the books more quickly and provide the kind of information that can help the entire executive team make better decisions. And while closing the books in a timely manner seems like table stakes, many large, complex organizations operate as semi-independent fiefdoms run on Excel spreadsheets. Outdated applications and disconnected processes also make it hard to hold individual budget overseers accountable for financial performance..."
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15 May 2017 Dell EMC World 2017 Underscores Company's Unique Position To Capitalize On IT Transformation [63542]
Forbes, May 15th 2017

When Dell put together the mammoth $67 billon dollar acquisition of big iron storage, virtualization and security giant EMC in late 2015, you could see the obvious synergies of the combined tech juggernaut but you also knew the devil was in the details of execution and integration. At last year's Dell EMC World, Chairman and CEO Michael Dell offered a vision of how the company would pull this off but it was obvious the ink was still drying. At this year's Dell EMC World 2017, (now affectionately referred to as DEW), Michael took the stage like the rock star CEO that he is, with Van Halen thumping over the sound system. Last year Dell looked confident in the direction the company was headed, this year at DEW in Las Vegas he looked downright pumped.
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15 May 2017 How CISOs Can Answer Difficult Questions From CEOs [63489]
CSO Online, May 15th 2017

"A hypothetical conversation about issues such as cloud security, ransomware, phishing attacks, identity theft or data leaks can become all too real. These are the answers you should be prepared to give.

The CEO puts all the trust in the chief security officer to keep the company off the front page and out of danger. But as the number of attacks across the internet skyrockets, that trust has slowly eroded or at the very least is increasingly questioned..."
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14 May 2017 Summary of Upcoming South Florida IT Events [63179]
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