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28 Dec 2012 Securing the Cloud for Public Sector: Webcast [29086]
Panel Discusses Public Sector Cloud Adoption R, Common Challenges, Security Issues, Identity Management

Oracle Enterprise Security Architect Spiros Angelopoulos assembled a team including himself and Darin Pendergraft, Principal Product Marketing Director, Identity Management; Glenn Brunette, Cloud Architect, Enterprise Solutions Group; and Girish Venkataraman, Sales Consulting Senior Manager, Platform Advanced, to discuss such issues involving "Securing the Cloud for Public Sector" as adoption rates for cloud in public sector, common challenges, security issues, Identity Management issues, and public vs. private cloud, just to name a few. Darin Pendergraft provides a link to a replay of the discussion.
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31 Oct 2012 Security Capabilities and Design in Oracle Solaris 11 [28296]
Video Captures Three Big Guns in Solaris Security

Host Rick Ramsey of OTN captures Alex Barclay, Glen Brunette, and Darren Moffett for an off-the-cuff chat on Oracle Solaris security at Oracle OpenWorld 2012. Barclay comments on compliance reporting and extended policy; Brunette on security mandates, access control and immutable zones; and Moffett on the design of security protocols and achieving management of extended policies and administrative interfaces, and integration of the Solaris audit trail and the Oracle Audit Vault.
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18 Oct 2012 Oracle Solaris Videos on YouTube [28091]
Get the Picture; It's Free

There are 23 videos on YouTube dealing with a number of Oracle subjects ranging from Conor Nolan's three presentations on ZFS boot environments, branded zones on Solaris 11, and ipkg zones and beadm on zones. Others include several Oracle executives presenting overviews of the company's plans for its various offerings; Glenn Brunette on Oracle SPARC Supercluster data protection; the Geek Fest discussion of the T4 and T5 SPARC processor design; Oracle Solaris 11 zone provisioning with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center; the two-part video on moving from Solaris JumpStart to Automated Installer ... the list grows weekly. Check out this accessible, free resource.
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30 Aug 2012 Best Practices for Securely Deploying the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 [27423]
Exploiting the Balance Between Security and Configurational Flexibility

The architectural, deployment and operational best practices for utilizing the security capabilities of the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 are outlined in a post by Glenn Brunette, Ramesh Nagappan and Joel Weise. The authors highlight the comprehensive set of security controls in the SPARC SuperCluster platform that can be employed to meet even the most challenging security demands. They also offer guidance on where and how the SPARC SuperCluster platform can be integrated into an existing IT security environment. The SPARC SuperCluster is unique in its balance between the tight integration of its components and its level of configuration and operational flexibility.
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21 Sep 2011 Recommendations for Creating Reduced or Minimal Oracle Solaris Configurations [24616]
Improves not just Security but Management Costs as well

One approach to security that has become standard practice within the past decade is the deployment of reduced or minimal configurations of Oracle Solaris in the assumption that if software is not installed it cannot be re-enabled or exploited, or at least not easily. Glenn Brunette's blog on the subject includes recommendations for creating such reduced configurations for security reasons and to reduce the management burden and costs associated with instance provisioning, patching, migration, and audit compliance.
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