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20 Jan 2010 What Is the Outlook for Open Source? [22733]
Sun Execs Simon Phipps and Bob Worrall Examine the Issue

Simon Phipps and Bob Worrall, two Sun stalwarts who know as much or more than anyone else about the value of open source solutions, share their views of the state of open source in Worrall's Sun Inner Circle column, "Open Source: Where We've Been and Where It's Headed." The column is addressed to the corporate CIOs among its readers.
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14 Dec 2009 A Look at the Advantages and Risks of Open Storage [22524]
Bob Worrall and Art Licht Examine the Subject

The advantages and risks of open storage, especially from the CIO's perspective, is the subject of Sun CIO Bob Worrall's discussion with Distinguished Engineer Art Licht of Sun Global Sales and Services. The talk begins with a definition of open storage, which is, "... a new way to build a storage product by using open, industry-standard components ... that offers a simpler, less-expensive way to manage data," in Licht's words.
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26 Nov 2009 What is the Role for Social Networking Sites in the Enterprise [22400]
Three Sun Experts Exchange Views

Writing for the Sun Inner Circle, CIO Bob Worrall discusses the possibilities for the enterprise of social networking. Worrall is joined by Mary Smaragdis, Director of Sun News Network and New and Social Media, and Linda Skrocki, Senior Engineering Program Manager for Sun's high-volume external-facing community web properties, both social community experts.
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16 Feb 2009 Doing More With Less - Predicted to be CIOs' Mantra for 2009 [21328]
Highlights from Sun's Bob Worrall's Article in

Bob Worrall, Chief Information Officer at Sun Microsystems, urges the IT community to evaluate ways to be more cost-effective to address the economic situation, focus on the ecological solutions, check out Open Source opportunities, do the research, and be more hands-on. "Recession or not, we will continue to see more pressures on IT budgets," said Worrall.
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26 Jan 2009 Is Your Organization Ready for Cloud Computing? [21192]
Public Cloud or Private, There are Advantages to be Gained for the Enterprise

Cloud computing is not simply a rehash of the shared tenancy computing practiced back in the day of mainframes, writes Sun CIO Bob Worrall in the Sun Inner Circle newsletter. Rather, he continues, cloud computing delivers a number of services, including software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service and storage as a service, whether through public or private clouds.
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