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27 Dec 2016 Fujitsu Uses AR Technology In 3D Superimposed Product Design Diagnostic Solution [59312]
Launches sales of solution for early discovery of manufacturing defects by comparing product component photos to 3D blueprints

Fujitsu announced the launch of its FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution 3D Superimpose Product Design Diagnostic, a PLM solution for manufacturers that visualizes differences between product component photos and their 3D blueprints. This solution is available today, initially only in Japan.

In the manufacturing of large-scale structures, the 3D Superimposed Product Design Diagnostic solution enables users to overlay the blueprints of manufactured components created with 3D CAD on a picture of each component taken with a smartphone or tablet using AR technology, making comparison easy. In addition, it can also greatly increase the efficiency of diagnostic procedures in which each manufacturing component previously had to be inspected visually or manually.

Fujitsu continues to strengthen its manufacturing solutions, and represented by this solution, supports manufacturing with ICT on the front lines.
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27 Apr 2016 Fujitsu Develops Technology that Quickly Tracks Changes Made to Large-Scale Open Source Software [52088]
Greatly reduces time needed to locate changes, leads to fast development of software

Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. announced the development of technology to quickly identify changed locations in source code, such as added functions, to enable timely development using large scale open source software.

Open source software (OSS) can be easily used by anyone around the world, and its source code - what might be called its blueprints - can be repeatedly changed, adding and deleting functions, without detailed records of what was changed. In this situation, software developers working on OSS will often independently add their own changes along the way, as they see fit. Understanding where changes have been made in the OSS source code is a necessary, yet time-consuming process.
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10 Dec 2015 A data center design guide to get it right the first time [48280]
Search Data Center, December 10th, 2015

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22 Aug 2015 Blueprints revealed: Oracle crams SPARC M7 and InfiniBand into cheaper 'Sonoma' chips [45376]
Chris Williams in the Register

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21 Jul 2015 How To Pick A Project Management Methodology [44591]
CIO, July 21st, 2015

"There's an overwhelming choice of different project management methodologies. Knowing which ones will work best for you can be as challenging as the project itself.

Think of project management (PM) methodologies as blueprints, step-by-step instructions that guide your team on how to build a successful project..."
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