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19 Jan 2010 Why Open Source Solutions are Good for Government [22724]
Six Key Reasons and What to Look for in Evaluating Products

Governments globally are embracing open source policies. The White House moved its Web platform to open source this past fall with the goal of reducing costs and improving security. Bill Vass, president and chief operating officer of Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc., shares his views on why governments are embracing open source solutions, relaying six key reasons, and offers some guidelines on evaluating open source products.
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29 Dec 2009 Protecting the Enterprise from Attacks [22533]
Mandatory Access Control and the Solaris OS

President and COO of Sun Microsystems Federal Bill Vass writes about developments at Sun in the area of enforcing Mandatory Access Control (MAC) with virtualization to confine Internet services with simple security configurations using the Solaris OS. Featured in the blog are the remarks of senior Sun researchers John Weeks and John Totah that explain how, in addition to enforcing MAC provisions, they also layered the MAC protection with what users ordinarily expect from employing all of the other Solaris security features combined with virtualization, eg. zones, and Internet community sponsored configuration guidelines such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.
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17 Nov 2009 US Choosing Open Source To Open Government [22548]
White House, DoD Demonstrate Support for Open Source Software

The Office of the Secretary of Defense CIO recently released policy guidance promoting the use of open source software throughout the U.S. Department of Defense. The DoD is not the only area where the federal government is embracing open source, so is the White House, whose Web site now runs on open source technologies. "By choosing open source software as the defining technology of, it is clear that the President means business," said Bill Vass, president and COO of Sun Microsystems Federal.
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01 Jul 2009 Better Quality and Injecting Specific Requirements Add to Open Source Appeal [21922]
Sun Exec on Why Open Source Software is Better Than Proprietary

Sun Federal President and COO Bill Vass continues to make the case that open source technologies are the best choice and offers a multitude of reasons (and blogs) to substantiate his point. Previously, he had outlined four reasons, including security, reduced procurement time, prevent vendor lock-in and reduced cost. Now Vass asserts open source offers better quality and a means to get specific requirements injected into a product.
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26 May 2009 Why Move to Open Source? Security, Procurement Time, Vendor Lock-in and Cost [21706]
Sun Micro Federal President & COO Explains

Sun Federal President and COO Bill Vass offers up four reasons to move to open source software: improved security, reduced procurement time, no vendor lock-in, and reduced cost. Vass writes, "Open source enterprise products are ready to support your mission critical applications, in the operating system area there's Solaris, Linux, in the middleware area there's Glassfish, JBoss, in the database area there's MySQL, PostgreSQL and even in the desktop area...which has been lagging behind in open source, but is starting to gain some ground with over 220 million OpenOffice users."
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