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04 Apr 2017 How To Get Started With IAM Services In The Cloud [62143]
SearchCloudStorage, April 4th 2017

Security is critical in the cloud, so it isn't surprising that identity and access management services are in high demand. Learn why you need IAM, and what services to consider

"Cloud computing has changed the way users connect to enterprise apps and data. With a more distributed compute model, cloud enables users to step out of bounds into a more mobile environment. As a result, cloud computing, along with BYOD policies and mobile applications, lead many enterprises to evolve their IT security strategy.

And secure user access -- achieved through identity and access management (IAM) -- is an important part of any cloud security model..."
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29 Mar 2017 BYOD is Dead. Long Live BYOD [61933]
ITProPortal, March 29th 2017

It's time to stop debating the merits of BYOD vs. corporate-supplied and come up with a method of managing all manner of mobile devices

BYOD is dying. It's not that people no longer bring devices to work. It's that everyone brings their devices to work. Whether you use BYOx (bring your own everything) to describe this phenomenon or some other term, there are important concerns to be addressed.

For example, will you be providing devices to all employees, some employees (e.g., managers and executives) or no employees? How will user-owned devices connect to the network and how do you ensure personal and corporate data separation? What about company-owned devices and who owns, and thus has free access to, the data stored on them? And what happens when a device with company data or the ability to connect to the company network is stolen?..."
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27 Mar 2017 The Seven Most Important Features Of Any BYOD Policy [61976]
TechZone360, March 27th 2017

"Today's world of mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones has introduced an interesting layer of complexity for IT departments in businesses everywhere. Employees often own and are familiar with their own technological devices, presenting both an opportunity and a challenge for employers - how can you control the use of these devices without eliminating them entirely?

The go-to solution is to create a custom bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, which outlines exactly how and why employees' home devices may be used for work or for network applications..."
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21 Mar 2017 NSW Health Bolsters Telemedicine Capabilities with Citrix [61785]
Citrix, March 21st, 2017

State Health Services Reinvents Way Cancer is Treated with Secure Remote Access to Patient Data

Citrix announced NSW Health, a leading Australian public health provider, has rolled-out a range of Citrix technologies empowering the state's doctors to better diagnose and treat patients with cancer due to secure mobile access to electronic medical records.

Within NSW Health's regional network of hospitals, the Illawarra Shoalhaven Cancer and Haematology Network (ISCaHN), they can now use Citrix solutions to equip all employees - doctors, nurses and emergency departments - with remote and secure access to sensitive patient information, analysis of hi-res medical images across devices, and aiding the success of its BYOD initiative.
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21 Mar 2017 What To Consider In Developing BYOD Policy [61714]
CSO Online, March 21st, 2017

"Employees are going to bring in their own devices, whether the company likes it or not...

In today's work environment, employees are increasingly expected to be constantly available and communicating. Regardless of whether the company permits it, employees will use their personal devices for work. Instead of ignoring the inevitable, companies should develop and implement a BYOD policy that protects the company and balances productivity with security. Brandon N. Robinson Partner, Balch & Bingham LLP - Privacy and Data Security Practice, provides some tips..."
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