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19 Apr 2017 ExaGrid Version 5.0 Adds Advanced Support for Oracle RMAN Channels, Veeam SOBR, and Replication to AWS [62632]
Exagrid, April 19th 2017

Unique Architecture Delivers Unmatched Backup and Restore Speeds, Permanently Short Backup Window, and Lowest TCO in the Industry

ExaGrid, a leading provider of next generation disk-based backup storage with data deduplication solutions, today announced its newly-released Version 5.0 that now provides advanced support for Oracle RMAN Channels, Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR), and replication to Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud for disaster recovery.

ExaGrid v5.0 allows its Oracle RMAN customers to use Oracle RMAN Channels with up to 25 appliances in an ExaGrid scale-out GRID system. "Sections" of data are sent to each appliance in parallel for improved performance and also for performance load balancing as RMAN Channels will send the next section of data to the next available appliance in the GRID...
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16 Apr 2017 How Amazon Prevents Data Center Outages Like Delta's $150M Meltdown [62287]
Data Center Knowledge, April 7th 2017

"It's typical for hyper-scale data center operators like Amazon to build their own infrastructure technology when it isn't available on the market or when they feel they can make it cheaper on their own," writes Yevgeniy Sverdlik in Data Center Knowledge.

"One piece of technology Amazon built in-house is meant to circumvent what one of the company's top infrastructure engineers described as misplaced priorities in the way electrical switchgear vendors design their products.

It is this problem that likely caused last summer's Delta data center outage that ultimately cost the airline $150 million, as well as the infamous 2013 power outage during Super Bowl. And John Hamilton, VP and distinguished engineer at Amazon Web Services, has seen this type of failure in data centers he has overseen during his career..."
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16 Apr 2017 Human Error In IT: A Growing But Preventable Issue [62294]
Information Age, April 3rd 2017

While many assume most IT issues that impact mission-critical services are the result of a catastrophic technology failure, they are often due to a human error that could have been prevented

"In late January, an outage at Delta caused hundreds of flight cancellations and delays," writes Nick Ismail in Information Age. "More recently, Amazon Web Services' (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) suffered an outage that disrupted services for tens of thousands of customers including popular sites like Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest and Expedia.

When a network goes down, theories run rampant. Was it a software bug? cyber attack? systems failure?..."
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12 Apr 2017 Oracle CEO: We Can Beat Amazon and Microsoft Without as Many Data Centers [62447]
Fortune, April 12th 2017

Barb Darrow writes in Fortune, "Conventional wisdom in the public cloud market is that there are three leaders: Amazon Web Services followed by Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Those companies assemble and sell massive arrays of servers, storage, and networking to businesses-most of which don't want to build more of their own data centers. Towards that end, those three cloud superpowers alone spent roughly $31 billion last year to extend their data center capacity around the world, according to the Wall Street Journal, which tabulated that total from corporate filings.

By comparison, Oracle, which is making its own public cloud push, spent about $1.7 billion. To most observers, that looks like a stunning mismatch.

But Mark Hurd, Oracle's co-chief executive, would beg to differ. In his view, there are data centers and then there are data centers. And Oracle's data centers, he said, can be more efficient because they run Oracle hardware and supercharged databases..."
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11 Apr 2017 10 Tips For Securing AWS Public Cloud Environments [62326]
Information Age, April 11th 2017

Despite the huge benefits offered by cloud computing, security concerns are still holding many back from enjoying the full range of advantages it offers

"The shared responsibility model of public cloud can be confusing, and requires vigilance, especially as security teams learn how to manage multiple cloud environments in hybrid cloud settings.Given the enormous popularity of Amazon Web Services (AWS), this article will take a deep dive into the different methods of securing your data and applications in this environment, and offers ten top tips for IT managers looking to secure their AWS accounts and infrastructure..."
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