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05 Mar 2010 South Australian Utility Implements ERP Upgrade Solutions from Sun [22756]
Realizes Gains in ERP Processing Times, Data Load Time

ETSA Utilities, South Australia's primary electricity distributors with 800,000 residential and business customers, faced the task of upgrading its legacy IT infrastructure that hosts the company's ERP system while at the same time improving the processing time of ERP system jobs and increasing the availability of ERP mission-critical systems. In addition, ETSA sought to reduce payroll processing time and improve data load time. The utility found the infrastructure it was looking for in the Sun product line.
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26 Nov 2009 Sun Solutions Cut Annual Power Consumption for SAP Environment by 59% [22568]
Case Study Also Shows 108% Increase in Server Efficiency

Anyone looking to boost energy efficiency for SAP environments, while increasing hardware performance and environment expansion should take a look at a case study on BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH. The Germany-based domestic appliance supplier migrated its SAP software onto a platform consisting of Sun SPARC Enterprise servers, Solaris 10, Sun Blade servers and Sun StorageTek systems. This move reduced its annual power consumption by 59% and increased server efficiency by 108%.
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09 Jun 2009 University of Central Florida Improves its Storage Area Network with Sun Solution [21784]
Built with Sun Stoarge, Servers, and Solaris 10

Sun helps University of Central Florida (UCF) solve many challenges for increasing throughput and storage capacity. UCF turned to Sun Solutions because it needed to implement a scalable, reliable storage area network. However, it also needed to increase computing power, improve efficiency and cost effectiveness, and deploy more cost-effective storage for its disaster-recovery program.
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17 Apr 2009 New Offerings for the Sun StorageTek 9900 Solutions [21650]
Software Media Kits and Trial Licenses for Tiered Storage Manager 6.1

Media kits and trial licenses of Tiered Storage Manager 6.1 for the Sun StorageTek 9985, 9990, 9985V, and 9990V are now attainable, offering improved usability and additional platform support. By transparently and interactively migrating data between heterogeneous storage tiers, Sun StorageTek 9990V, 9985V, 9990, and 9985 Tiered Storage Manager v6.1 software enables IT administrators to match application quality of service requirements to storage system attributes.
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16 Feb 2009 Sun StorageTek ST 9900 Encrypting Backend Director [21299]
Encrypts Data as it is Written to Disk, Decrypts as Data is Read from Disk

The Sun StorageTek ST 9900 Encrypting Backend Director (BED) is a disk adapter to which disk drives are attached and encrypted as data is written to disk and decrypted as data is read from disk. Only for the ST 9985V and ST 9990V, the ST 9900 encrypting BED allows disks written with encrypted data to be removed from these systems with no readable customer data. There is no other competitor that offers an encrypting BED to protect data at rest, Sun reports.
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