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27 Dec 2016 3 Drivers For Faster Connectivity [59271]
Network Computing, December 27th, 2016

"More powerful CPUs, faster storage, and software-defined architectures require faster networking.

In the never ending game of leapfrog between processing, memory, and I/O, the network has become the new server bottleneck. Today's 10 GbE server networks are simply unable to keep up with the processor's insatiable demand for data. This is creating a real problem where expensive servers equipped with the latest CPUs are giant beasts that suck power at an astounding rate, with all these massively parallel cores running at gigahertz rates busily doing nothing..."
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21 Apr 2015 Ethernet Roadmap: A Raft of New Speeds [42167]
NetworkComputing, April 21, 2015

"The Ethernet Alliance recently released its 2015 roadmap, which outlines Ethernet's response to the ongoing desire for more bandwidth in data centers by adding new speeds for both in-rack and backbone connections. The roadmap calls for some eye-popping speeds in the future, but also charts out a plan for the low end of the market, representing an unprecedented level of activity for Ethernet.

The first new Ethernet speed is almost upon us. 25 GbE is designed to replace 10 GbE and 100 GbE will fit into the 40 GbE slot (both using quad-lane connections), basically by speeding up the individual link. The first 25 GbE gear should hit late in 2015 with production volume in 2016..."
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11 Mar 2015 Dissolve a Network Bottleneck with These Techniques [41387]
Search Data Center, March 11, 2015

"As IT adds I/O and communication-intensive apps to servers, the strain on data center networking increases drastically.

Installations built around 1 GbE are no longer efficient, and in many instances, the replacement -- 10 GbE -- is also a network bottleneck.

There's more than one way to break a log jam of network traffic, from inexpensive and quick fixes to strategic capital investments and restructuring. New technology is set to boost networking capacity, and network fabric adoption has solved backbone performance bottlenecks with multi-lane Ethernet. In some cases, simple operational organization relieves congestion..."
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02 Feb 2015 Integrating Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance with a Data Center LAN [40707]
Using Oracle Switch ES1-24

This white paper outlines the physical connectivity solutions supported by Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance engineered system and Oracle Switch ES1-24 for connecting to a data center's 1/10 GbE network infrastructures.

Integrating Virtual Compute Appliance with a Data Center LAN

Virtual Compute Appliance is the latest engineered system from Oracle, and it offers a turnkey converged infrastructure solution for private clouds and any virtualized application. It is a highly available, fully redundant converged system with compute, network, management, and storage elements combined.
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10 Nov 2014 Converged Ethernet vs. More Links [39356]
Network Computing, November 7th, 2014

"Converged Enhanced Ethernet improves Ethernet performance but is expensive. With the cost of 10 GbE equipment dropping and 25 GbE on the horizon, it may be cheaper to add more links.

Though benchmarks often don't show it, Ethernet is a sloppy transmission vehicle. It relies on a collision mechanism that resolves two sources addressing the same receiver by forcing them to turn around and try again, both using random timeouts to do so. This collision process reduces performance, possibly by considerable amounts, and it introduces extra latency..."
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