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NewsToLeads: A Demand Generation System for Account Managers and Resellers

The Challenge for Resellers

How do Resellers:

  • generate leads from their existing customers and prospect lists?
  • keep all of their customers aware of the products that they sell?
  • help their customers take full advantage of the products that they already bought?
  • make offers to their installed base, especially in a world where people are bombarded with self serving messages that have little value to them?

Most of the time, customers are not buying. SNI can help Resellers stay in front of their customers by providing them with a timely, valuable, news service with just the news that their customers want. Our news service helps customers get the news they need with less effort, allowing them to focus on their work. When they have a need, or feel a pain and see a news item that can address that need or pain, our service includes an easy means to connect customers with their Reseller contact.

SNI have developed and refined the NewsToLeads service over the last 10 years. As an Application Service Provider, we use our unique software and processes to provide NewsToLeads for many Resellers with more features and at a lower cost than any one Reseller would pay for an equivalent in-house service.

Sun and Sun Resellers have been using our service for years because it works. Some 50,000 people subscribe to our news service because of its quality. New "System News for Sun Users" subscribers can sign up for the service directly with SNI for just $79/year. Resellers who use NewsToLeads are paying for and providing that same service to their customers and prospects for a small fraction of that price.

NewsToLead -- The Solution for Resellers

The goal of the NewsToLeads system is to drive the sale of Sun products. These goals are achieved with:

  1. Communications
    • Provide comprehensive product, technology, company and partner news to Customers and Prospects
    • Build a custom communication for each subscriber based on their profile
      • Retention and click throughs are better when subscribers choose the content they want
    • Sales or marketing professionals can add content each week

  2. Calls To Action
    • Every article has a "Get More Information" and a "Contact Me" link
    • Sales or marketing professionals can add in a call to action any week
    • Logins, HTML newsletter opens, following links etc., which are responses to a call-to-action, are tracked
    • Content can be added to promote other Partner marketing activities
    • Weekly frequency can make calls-to-action more effective with repitition and more targeted messaging

  3. Customer Relationship Management
    • Communications are sent to the customer from the email address of the Rep who owns that relationship
    • The Rep can track which articles their subscribers are looking at
    • The Rep will learn when a subscriber leaves an account
    • There is value for the Rep and the Reseller when they keep their name in front of the customers and prospects every week.

The NewsToLeads program provides individual Sales Professionals and Resellers with the least expensive, professional lead generation system that uses those techniques to increase the sale of Sun products.

Customer and Prospect Value Proposition

SNI charges end-users $79 for a full annual subscription to "System News for Sun Users". For people involved with using, buying, managing, or selling Sun products, the annual subscription fee is small compared to the time they will save when they become subscribers.

When Resellers have events or other marketing activities, promotions etc., they will need a vehicle to communicate to their existing customers and prospects.

When Resellers gather new leads as a result of their marketing activities, a free newsletter subscription can be used to maximise the value of those leads.

Resellers can grow their "house list" of customers and prospects by offering a free subscription to their branded version of "System News for Sun Users", which can have a name choosen by the Reseller.

NewsToLeads Presentation

The System News Demo

You can see three aspects of the SNI program by logging in as the user "demo":

  • Go to
  • Login with the username and password newdemo
  • After confirming the login, you will see the Portal view of the news report
    • You can enable or disable sections by clicking on the words enable or disable in the title bars for the sections
    • You can change "demo's" account profile ("Edit Account")
  • After login, you can click on the link "Generate a Custom HTML Edition of This Issue", which is in the upper right-hand corner, to have the system generate an HTML version of the news report based on the current profile and the available sections. This is how most people will see the news report in their email client
  • After login, you can click on the link "See a Printable Version of this Issue" to have the system generate a single page with all of the news report based on the current profile and the available sections. That page is suitable for printing for those people who want to read the news report off-line.

Why A Reseller Should Consider NewsToLeads

  • SNI provides a consistent weekly technical/product oriented news service that saves customers time and effort
    • Customers and prospects are happy to see the news reports because they provide a useful summary of the sections that they care about
    • Some 50,000 people subscribe to System News newsletters
  • SNI covers all of Sun's key products, services and "GTM" programs
    • Sales reps know that those customers who get our news report are educated and informed
    • The 19,000+ articles in the SNI archives show that SNI meets that goal and provide a searchable history
    • No Sun "e-zine" has such comprehensive content
  • SNI provides a one-to-one communication service
    • Messages come "From:" the email address of the rep who "owns" the customer
    • A customer can "Reply" and communicate with someone who cares about them
    • When a person leaves and account, the "user unknown" messages goes to the Rep who can act on that information
    • SNI offers and optional service to manage the bounce messages for a rep.
  • SNI provides customization to deliver marketing "calls to action"
    • Reps can add their own message that will be seen by just their contacts
    • Publication owners can add articles that will be seen by all of the subscribers of a their Publication
  • SNI provides a customized experience that can be tracked
    • SNI tracks who opens the HTML news reports and which articles they click through to
    • Subscribers can change their profile to change how the news report is built for them
    • Reps can login to the web tool, provided by SNI, to see tracking reports of their customers
  • SNI provides a rich, product oriented "Portal" view of the news
    • From the Reseller's Web site, subscribers can login to a customized view
    • SNI provides the news that is missing from Sun's Portal properties such as My Sun and the iForce Partner Portal
  • SNI is Channel and Sun friendly
    • The NewsToLeads service is designed to be private labeled by Sun Resellers.
    • We exclude any content that promotes specific Resellers.
    • SNI does not include opinion pieces or articles that attack other vendors
    • SNI does not include or report on content that is critical of Sun.

How Does a Reseller Order the NewsToLeads Program?

The number of subscribers you are likely to have will guide you to select the appropriate plan.
Plan Suitable for this range of subscribers Plan Monthly
Cost for Additional
under 500 Small $4000$2.00
500-1200 Medium $1,000500$1.50
1200+ Large $1,8001,200$1.00

Please note there is also a one-time, $2,000 setup/training fee.

We will schedule a planning session and a training session.

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