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June 2, 2003
Article #10090
Volume 64, Issue 1
Sun's Third Annual Tunathon Program Achieves Significant Performance Improvments
ISV Applications Run and Average of 31 Percent Better

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      SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- June 4, 2003 -- Building on its commitment to
bring price-performance value to its customers, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
recently completed its third-annual "Tunathon"program -- a
collaborative engineering effort between Sun and its ISV partners to
improve and optimize application performance on the Sun platform. Sun
is the only systems vendor to work with ISVs on this type of program of
application optimization and tuning. Sun attracted 45 ISVs to this
year's Tunathon program, and fine-tuned more than 60 applications,
producing an average performance gain of 31 percent.


The ISVs participating in this year's Tunathon included such industry
leaders as BeVocal, Gene-IT, Geospiza, i2 Technologies, Intersystems,
Interwoven, Marketmax, MSC.Software, RSA Security, SAS, TNO, Ubiquity,
VIPTone. Ubiquity, a leading provider of carrier-grade software
platforms for fixed and mobile networks, participated in the Tunathon
program. Working closely with Sun, the engineering teams were able to
optimize the performance of the application by over 70 percent. Due to
the collaborative nature of the Tunathon program, Sun likewise was able
to fine-tune the upcoming release of its Java 2 Platform, Standard
Edition (J2SE) based on direct, real-world-tested feedback from
Ubiquity engineers.

"We have developed an industry-renowned reputation for the development
of new software technology and scalable, distributed architectures
within the Java environment. By participating in Sun's Tunathon program
and working closely with J2SE product engineers, we were able to
significantly improve the performance of our application on Sun
platforms," said Michael Doyle, CTO of Ubiquity. "This intimate
collaboration has enabled us to deliver better, more powerful
next-generation service and application platforms to our customers, and
at the same time, it has given us a truly unique opportunity to relay
our input to Sun engineers on the design and development of J2SE going
forward, helping to make that platform an even better one for our needs
and the needs of our customers."

SAS, a leader in providing next generation business intelligence
software and services that create true enterprise intelligence,
realized significant results in last year's Tunathon program and was
eager to build upon those efforts and work closely with the Sun
engineering team again this year.

"While the tangible benefit is clear -- out of 10 test applications, we
achieved an average improvement of 59 percent -- the intangible benefit
is the creation and continued fostering of a mutually deep engineering
relationship," said Clarke Thacher, senior software manager, SAS.
"Through Tunathon, SAS and Sun engineers worked side-by-side as virtual
team members helping us deliver on our next generation flagship SAS 9.1


The developer community is one of Sun's most important partner groups
and Sun offers a comprehensive set of resources and programs, including
the Tunathon, to nurture and grow its community. For a four-month
period at the beginning of each year, Sun product and performance
engineering groups analyze and test submitted applications, including
Java and J2EE applications, identifying opportunities to optimize and
tune application performance without creating customized code. As a
result of the Tunathon program process, Sun helps enable the
performance gains obtained appear in actual software vendor

"No other systems vendor offers a joint engineering program of this
kind and of this caliber," said Stans Kleijnen, vice president of
market development engineering, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Through the
process of collaboration, we're able to deliver to our customers better
application performance and higher system utilization, which ultimately
results in greater customer satisfaction. Plus, we're able to benefit
from the real-world expertise our ISV partners bring to the table,
enabling us to enhance our own products' performance to meet
ever-changing application requirements."

Terri Molini
Olivia Horoshko
Sun's Third Annual Tunathon Program Achieves Significant Performance Improvments


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