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Key Java Technologies to be Released
Sun Plans to Deliver a Completely Open SOA Platform
Sun plans on delivering a completely open SOA platform with the release of key Java technologies, including Sun Java Studio Creator, Sun Java System Portal Server, the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) Engine from the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS), NetBeans Enterprise Pack, Sun's Java Message System (JMS)-based message queue and Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT).
John Fowler Named EVP of Sun's Systems Group
New Division Combines SPARC and x64 Systems Groups
Sun Executive Vice President John Fowler will be taking on a more comprehensive role to lead Sun's Systems Group which encompasses the SPARC and X64 Systems Groups. Fowler will have the charter and responsibility to deliver all systems products at Sun, from the x64-based servers to the UltraSPARC IV+ products and CoolThreads-based systems.
Java SE 5 Available for Redistribution by GNU/Linux, OpenSolaris
Offered Under New Operating System Distributor's License for Java
The Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 5 is now available for redistribution by GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris operating system distributors under the new Operating System Distributor's License for Java, which is also known as the "Distro License for Java" or DLJ, Sun announced during the 2006 JavaOne Conference.
Driving Web Services Interoperability Between Java and .Net
Sun's Interoperability Technology Components to be Open Sourced
A collection of web services components is being made available by Sun to the open source community in order to help drive web services interoperability between the Java platform and the .Net framework. The Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT) components focus on security, messaging, quality of service and metadata support.
Desktop Java Technology Program Now for Windows PC OEM
New Sun Program Simplifies Licensing, Updates, Support

A new program for Personal Computer (PC) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to distribute Sun's Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) was announced during the 2006 JavaOne Conference. This new program will ensure customers receive the latest version of the Java platform on the latest Windows PCs and laptops.

Sun VP of IT Receives 2006 "Ones to Watch" Award
Honors Rising Stars with the IT Industry

Robert Worrall, Sun vice president of IT Governance, IT Strategy and Architecture has been named a recipient of the 2006 CIO Ones to Watch awards from IDG's CIO magazine and CIO Executive Council. Only 20 individuals within the IT industry are presented with this award that singles out leaders who bring innovation and value to their organization.

Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 New Features
Demo Available
Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 offers new features such as diskless boot support and Windows provisioning. Sun N1 System Manager helps with provisioning, monitoring, patching and managing Sun systems, providing an integrated hardware and software management that is easy to set up and use for Sun x64 and SPARC systems.
Working with Solaris Containers, Predictive Self Healing, Solaris Service Manager
Putting These Technologies to Use
A Sun BluePrints OnLine white paper by Joost Pronk van Hoogeveen of the Solaris Software team explains how to use some new functions in the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) such as Predictive Self Healing and Solaris Service Management Facility.
Guide to Managing Solaris ZFS in Solaris 10 Containers
Getting ZFS and Containers to Work Together
A new how-to guide explains basic steps for getting Solaris Container technology and the Solaris ZFS (zettabyte file system) working in collaboration with each other.
Solaris Containers Technology Architecture Guide
Server Virtualization Example Illustrated
For an introduction to Solaris Containers technology, see the May 2006 Sun BluePrints OnLine edition for Jeff Victor's guide to the Solaris Containers technology architecture. He emphasizes the need to find better ways to provision applications and ensure shared resources are not compromised.
Two New Solaris OS Books
Kernel Architecture and Performance Measurement
The second edition of the book, "Solaris Internals, Second Edition: Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris Kernel Architecture", has been completed by the authors. Authors Richard McDougall and Jim Mauro have updated this book with new information for Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS)and OpenSolaris.
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