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Schwartz's Vision for Sun
The Iconoclastic Leader Reveals Some of His Next Steps for the Company
Sun CEO and President Jonathan Schwartz's iconoclastic nature has the industry waiting to see where this 40-year-old strategist will be leading the technology company that has weathered many ups and downs during its near 25-year history. New York Times Writer John Markoff peers into the new Sun leader's aspirations and the company's current status in the marketplace.
Sun Technologies to Power Fox Television Stations
Implementing New Centralized Sales, Traffic and Programming Management System
Sun technologies will be powering Fox Television Stations Inc.'s new centralized sales, traffic and programming management system, replacing stand-alone solutions based on IBM AS400 servers. The project is expected to take less than three years and will include integration with neighboring systems and the gradual rollout across all Fox Television stations.
HBO Standardizes on Sun Technology
Now Has Flexible, Cost-effective and Secure Method of Distributing Content
Home Box Office, better known as HBO, needed to have a flexible, cost-effective and secure way to reliably deliver its award-winning content via multiple communications channels. The successful television network and global broadcaster decided to standardized on Sun technology and has evolved its digital broadcast architecture exclusively using Sun Microsystems' workflow and storage technologies.
Nickelodeon Movies Computer-animated Film Relies on Sun
80 TB HPC Render Farm Assists Technically Challenging Film
Complex computer-generated animation for the upcoming Nickelodeon Movies project "Barnyard" was created with the help of Sun Microsystems Inc. The Paramount Pictures distributed movie relied on Sun Fire servers and Sun StorEdge data management systems to assist "Barnyard's" artists in quickly identifying incomplete scenes, making necessary edits and managing finished shots.
Zodiac Gaming Flaunts Next-gen Solution for Interactive Gaming
Java Technology on OpenCable Application Platform Set-top Box

Zodiac Gaming demonstrated a next generation solution for interactive gaming at the request of Sun Microsystems. Using Java technology running on an OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) set-top box and a mobile handset, the demonstration allowed for games such as No Limit Texas Hold 'em to be played on a television, PC or mobile phone.

Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS with AMD Opteron Processor Model 252
Offers Quick Deployment, Simple Manageability, Seamless Integration
Introducing the Sun StorageTek 5320 Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance with AMD Opteron processor model 252 that delivers a 55 percent increase in performance from previous generations, Sun reports. The Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS appliance is available now through Sun and its qualified reseller partners, starting at US$49,990 for a 2.0 terabyte system.
Next Generation of Virtual Tape Solutions for Mainframe Environments
Sun Introduces Virtual Storage Manager System 4e and 5
The Sun StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) family simplifies data management by storing data on a virtual disk buffer and migrating it to a tape device based on user-defined policies. Two new products will be joining the Sun StorageTek system portfolio - VSM system 4e and VSM system 5 - helping to fulfill Sun's mission to "Virtualize Everything."
New Sun Managed Operations for Storage
Selectively Source Elements of Your Data Center Management

A new management service named the Sun Managed Operations for Storage incorporates technologies from the recently acquired StorageTek and SevenSpace with Sun's service level management capabilities to provide customers flexibility and choice in their management of heterogeneous disk and tape storage.

    Using Process Rights Management with the Solaris 10 OS
    How to Achieve Fine-grain Control of Access to Applications
    Glenn Brunette continues his discussion of the use of privilege with the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) in the Sun BluePrints OnLine article "Privilege Bracketing in the Solaris 10 Operating System." Brunette describes the use of the Solaris OS Process Rights Management feature in the implementation of the "least privilege" access principle.
    Increasing Screen Real Estate for the Solaris OS x86 Platform
    How to Configure Xinerama on the Xorg Server
    Users of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) for x86 Platforms who require additional screen real estate will find Wenlong Zhang's BigAdmin paper "Configuring Xinerama on the Solaris OS for x86 Platforms" a helpful how-to guide.
    Managing the Development Process
    Using the Service Oriented Architecture to Build Composite Applications

    The white paper "Systematic Development and the Service Oriented Architecture" addresses the development process and suggests a rationalized approach designed to make it a more systematic and manageable operation.

    White Paper Examines Availability, Disaster Recovery Options
    Meeting Service Level Agreements in the Data Center
    Tim Read's Sun BluePrints OnLine paper entitled "Architecting Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions" discusses the options for meeting the service level agreements (SLAs) for mission and business critical services with particular reference to the Sun Cluster software.
    Designing a Secure Messaging Solution
    With a Little Help from the Sun Service Delivery Network

    In their Sun BluePrints OnLine paper "The Service Delivery Network: A Case Study," Mikael Lofstrand and Jason Carolan, both of Sun Client Solutions, demonstrate the use of the Sun Service Delivery Network (SDN) in the design of a secure e-mail application. The paper focuses on the design process rather than the details of the application layer.

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