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Sun Enterprise Migration Suite Announced
Answers Concerns on Potential Risks, Costs, Time for Complex Migrations
April 24, 2006,
Volume 98, Issue 4

Our migration services make it easier than ever for customers interested in moving away from proprietary operating systems...

-- Peter Weber

Sun has announced the upcoming release of the Sun Enterprise Migration Suite which is a sequence of services designed to make it easier to move to the free and open SolarisTM 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and industry standard x64 server platforms. The suite, scheduled to be generally available by the end of June, utilizes formal methodologies and tools that help make an enterprise's justification to migrate IT platforms more accurate, flexible and robust.

The Sun Enterprise Migration Suite consists of the following services:

Sun Enterprise Migration Justification Review Service

During this phase of service, Sun works with customers to scope the project, select the best migration strategy and obtain order-of-magnitude estimates for overall project complexity and size. Sun Enterprise Migration Architecture Service

This service is designed to help carefully plan an organization's migration project so a solution can be built that meets an individual business's objectives. Sun Enterprise Migration Implementation Service

Sun will perform the actual set of IT transformation tasks defined by the architecture service noted above during the implementation phase. These task include:

  • Porting, migration or re-architecture of the application and data
  • Implementation, optimization and testing of future systems and network architecture
  • Testing of the pre-production environment

Through the use of this suite, IT leaders are able to address issues such as end-of-life platforms, unpredictable service levels, vendor instability and inflexible infrastructures. It can help them meet escalating regulatory demands, pursue new business models, service customers and stay competitive.

"Our migration services make it easier than ever for customers interested in moving away from proprietary operating systems, such as IBM AIX and HP-UX, to the most advanced operating system on the planet, Solaris 10," said Peter Weber, senior vice president of product management, Services, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun has a proven track record of successful migrations earned over many years helping thousands of satisfied customers move from competitive IT infrastructures."

This new suite of services complements the migration services delivered by Sun\'s Global System Integrator partners to help customers move to Solaris 10 OS. Customers interested in these new Sun services for justifying, architecting and implementing OS migrations may also benefit from the Sun Application Migration Service, designed to help fast-track the transition of software applications to Solaris 10.

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