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Sun Fire X2100 Servers Set Records on MCAE Applications
32 Node Cluster Earns New Benchmarks on LS-DYNA and Fluent
April 24, 2006,
Volume 98, Issue 4

Our new world records highlight the Sun Fire X2100 server's industry-leading capabilities and performance of numerically intense applications...

-- Bjorn Andersson

Sun FireTM X2100 servers have set two new world-record benchmarks for real-world mechanical computer-aided engineering (MCAE) applications. Its 32-node cluster powered by AMD's Opteron Model 156 processor, the highest-performing single-core AMD Opteron 100 series processor, has set records on both the LS-DYNA and Fluent benchmarks. These benchmarks are based on the popular versions of the respective MCAE applications heavily used in the automotive, aerospace and consumer products industries.

Sun Fire X2100 servers' world record performance on LS-DYNA crash simulation code, which is used in the automotive industries worldwide and consists of two standardized benchmark problems: "Neon_Refined" and a much larger "3 Vehicle Collision," surpassed all published results. The scalability of these codes is non-linear as the size of the cluster is growing. The typical sweet spot is 16 processors and Sun's solution maintained 80 percent efficiency at this point. On the "Neon Refined" benchmark, the 16 Sun Fire X2100 servers proved to be 17 percent faster than the same size HP system, based on HP ProLiant DL145 servers; 29 percent quicker than the IBM system, based on eServer 326 and Myrinet interconnect; and 56 percent speedier than the Itanium2-powered HP system, based on Integrity rx2600 Servers.

The Fluent benchmark suite is divided into three size classes: small, medium and large, and its software is used for solving fluid flow problems, being based on a numerical technique called computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

The 32-node cluster of Sun Fire X2100 servers earned the best performance ever reported on the Fluent benchmark, across all three of these classes. According to this benchmark, Sun's solution performs better than the IBM BladeCenter system, based on LS20 blades equipped with AMD Opteron processors and Myrinet low latency interconnect. When compared to the systems based on Intel Xeon EM64T processors, the high-performance, single-socket servers from Sun are swifter than the IBM eServer x336-based solution, beat the HP ProLiant DL 360-based cluster and trumped Dell's offering, based on PowerEdge 1855 servers.

The Sun Fire X2100 server is one of Sun's newest x64 (x86, 64-bit) servers and is the fastest single-socket server available with many benchmarks to prove it. This entry level server also gives users a flexibility of operating environments, allowing them to run the SolarisTM 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux or Windows.

"Sun recognizes that manufacturing companies are always striving to get products to market as quickly as possible. Sun is responding to these market demands by designing x64 servers that can enable manufacturers to reduce development costs, speed time-to-market and deliver truly innovative products," said Bjorn Andersson, director of HPC and Grid Computing for Sun Microsystems. "Our new world records highlight the Sun Fire X2100 server's industry-leading capabilities and performance of numerically intense applications, which are critical for designing better and safer products. Furthermore, companies can take advantage of the Sun Grid Rack System to get clusters of Sun Fire X2100 servers that are ready-to-deploy, saving time and lowering risk in large-scale system installations."

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