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New AMD Opteron Model 256 Processor with Ultra 40 Workstation
Additional Features and Options Also Now Offered
April 17, 2006,
Volume 98, Issue 3

The Sun UltraTM 40 Workstation has some new offerings that were made available earlier this month. The new AMD Opteron Model 256 processor is now available for this workstation, offering the highest speed single-core processor available for the Sun Ultra 40 workstation.

Sun Ultra 40 Workstation also is now offering the next-generation Sun developer tools preinstalled, including the Sun JavaTM Studio Creator 2, SunTM Studio 11 ML and NetBeansTM 5.0. Additionally, support for new SCSI option cards is offered and the workstation's AMD Model 285 processor price is being reduced to be in line with the price of the same part used in the Sun FireTM X4100 and Sun FireTM X4200 servers.

With support for up to two single-core AMD Opteron Model 256 processors, the Sun Ultra 40 Workstation can deliver simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit enterprise-class computing for increased scalability of systems and applications without requiring dramatic instruction-set changes and recompilation. Dual processors provide the ability to handle heavy duty tasks, such as manipulation of large datasets, while providing the performance with whisper quiet operation.

With the addition of AMD Opteron Model 256 processors, the Sun Ultra 40 Workstation can provide the power needed for the most intense visualization workloads for a variety of industries, including:

  • Energy: The AMD Opteron processors, high-end PCI-Express graphics make this workstation an optimal solution in the oil and gas industry, where high-end graphics workstations are required for compute intensive applications such as seismic data visualization and interpretation, terrain visualization and reservoir engineering.

  • Manufacturing: Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD) and Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (MCAE) all require robust systems with high performance CPUs, fast application performance and large memory capacities. The Sun Ultra 40 Workstation with AMD Opteron Model 256 is suited for this industry's needs like processing large datasets consistently, handling increasing size models and collaborative projects and Finite Element Analysis where the engineering designs for some products require large amounts of memory, multi-threading, scalability and I/O bandwidth interface to view data in a concise, integrated manner.

  • Government: Defense electronics researchers who want mission-critical workstations to perform combat simulations can take advantage of the large memory capacity, high-quality 3D graphics and ability to manage large textures with the Sun Ultra 40 Workstation.

  • Scientific Research: Scientific computing researchers who need to manipulate large datasets can take advantage of the high-performance AMD Opteron processors and high quality 3D graphics on the Sun Ultra 40 Workstation.

The Sun Ultra 40 Workstation has been certified with Landmark's GeoProbe application and ICEM Surf. An ICEM performance benchmark demonstrated the Sun Ultra 40 Workstation runs 15 to 20 percent faster than the HP xw9300.

This workstation also complies with Sun's Globalization/Localization standards and documentation has been translated into French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

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