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Sun Java System
Sun Java System Identity Manager Certified for SAP NetWeaver
Wins Additional Recognition from Forrester Research
The Sun Java System Identity Manager 5.5 software has received certification to run on the SAP NetWeaver platform, earning the designation "Powered by SAP". This certification will help ensure seamless integration for both Sun and SAP's joint customers while also protecting existing IT investments and reducing implementation costs by deploying on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server.
Sun Java Availability Suite Upgrade
Boosts Performance for Oracle Real Application Clusters on Solaris
New updates to the Sun Java Availability Suite, which come with the Sun Cluster Advanced Edition for Oracle Real Application Clusters, provide enterprises with additional high availability and performance capabilities for customers using Oracle Real Application Clusters on the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) for US$50 per year per employee.
Sun Java Enterprise System Extends Operating System Support
New Release Includes Support for HPUX, Windows

Sun has released the Sun Java Enterprise System 2005Q4 that now supports for HPUX and Windows with a general availability date of April 15, 2006. This release adds support for Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, Windows XP Professional and HPUX 11i (PA-RISC).

Update on Sun Java Enterprise System with CAPS
Complete Toolset, Runtime Environment for B2B Deployments

The Sun Java Enterprise System with the new Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) promotion is targeted at a broad range of industries, including financial services, service providers, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, government, education and other large and medium-size global enterprises that require enterprise network services software to operate their businesses.

"Virtual Forms in the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 IDE"
Allows Separate Processing of Input Components on the Same Page

An important new feature in the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 IDE is called "virtual forms," which enables users to group input components on a page that can be processed without change to other inputs on the same page. Beth Stearns and Matthew Bohm review this feature in a Sun Developer Network article.

New AMD Opteron Model 256 Processor with Ultra 40 Workstation
Additional Features and Options Also Now Offered
The Sun Ultra 40 Workstation has some new offerings that were made available earlier this month. The new AMD Opteron Model 256 processor is now available with this workstation that also is now offering the next-generation Sun developer tools preinstalled and support for new SCSI option cards. In addition, its AMD Model 285 processor price is being reduced.
eWeek Labs Examines Sun Ultra 40 Workstation
Deemed Excellent for Performance Intensive Applications
Sun introduced its Sun Ultra 40 Workstation in February to replace its Sun Java Workstation W2100z. It caught the eye of eWeek Labs, which ran its own set of testing and found the 64-bit AMD Opteron-based workstation an excellent candidate in its interoperability and performance as well as a good performer in manageability, expandability and power efficiency.
Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation Reviewed
Power and Performance in a Portable Form Factor
Taking the power of UltraSPARC IIIi CPU and placing it in a mobile unit is astounding, writes Martin Brown in an article hosted on Free Software Magazine about Sun's mobile workstation, and that is exactly what you get with the Sun Ultra 3 Mobile Workstation.
Updates to Sun StorageTek Enterprise Storage Manager Family
Includes Business Analytics 5.0 and Operations Manager 4.1
Sun has updated its Sun StorageTek Enterprise Storage Manager portfolio with new features to its Sun StorageTek Business Analytics 5.0 and Sun StorageTek Operations Manager 4.1 software. These upgraded solutions provide customers with enhanced functionality to more efficiently manage their storage infrastructure to meet business objectives, Sun reports.
Version 4, Update 5 of Sun StorEdge SAM-FS and QFS
New Release Offers Easier File System and Archiving Management
Version 4, Update 5 of the Sun StorEdge SAM-FS storage archive manager software and Sun StorEdge QFS shared file system has added new features to provide greater end-to-end reliability, easier file system and archiving management and increased support for Sun storage.
Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Device Manager 5.0
New OS Support, GUI Functions and More

Sun has released version 5.0 of its Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Device Manager (HDvM) software. Designed for the Sun StorEdge 9900 family of systems, this software update will appeal to customers who would like to streamline the management of their provisioning activities and replication activities.

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Software Reaching End of Life
Newer Generation of Software to Replace Products

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Software has reached its end of life with new generations of software set to replace these outgoing products that include the SDLM (Dynamic Link Manager) v3.0 to v5.5; HDvM (Device Manager) v2.3 to v4.2; HTnM (Tuning Manager) v3.0 to v4.1; HPtM (Protection Manager) v4.1; among others.

Taking Advantage of Java DB at the Desktop
Demo Shows How to Work with Java DB as an Embedded Database

John O'Conner's Sun Developer Network piece "Using Java DB in Desktop Applications" argues for the use of this commonly available feature that is distributed with the Sun Java Enterprise System and the Sun Java System Application Server, as well as the NetBeans IDE.

Extending the Operations Support Systems Common API
Saves Wasteful Duplication of Interfaces and Classes

Vincent Perrot and Stuart Clements have written a guide called "Bootstrap Interfaces Definition by Leveraging OSS Common JSR Design and Shared Entities" that deals with ways to extend the OSS Common API so as to avoid the unnecessary and wasteful duplication of the base interfaces and classes, such as data types and exception definitions.

Using Language Linkage to Resolve Problems with Mixed Code
How to Prevent the Mangling of the Name Greet in C/C++ Programming

There are abundant examples of code in Giri Mandalika's Sun Developer Network article entitled "Mixed-Language Programming and External Linkage." The article demonstrates how using linkage allows a simple C++ program to work that would otherwise fail.

"Realtime Form Validation Using AJAX"
Explains Validation Procedures Without HTML Page Refresh

In his Sun Developer Network piece entitled "Realtime Form Validation Using AJAX," Greg Murray addresses the problem of validating form data that requires server-side logic without having to refresh the HTML page. He discusses the use of JavaScript in this validation.

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