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McNealy to HP CEO Mark Hurd: Let's Join Forces
Wants to Converge Solaris 10 Operating System, HP-UX
Scott McNealy hopes to persuade HP's CEO Mark Hurd to change his mind - and his corporate direction - by joining forces with Sun in a convergence of HP-UX with Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). In a recent email to Hurd, McNealy suggested just that.
Sun CEO Pens Op/Ed Piece for the Wall Street Journal
Addresses Importance of the OpenDocument Format

Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy offered up his opinion on the business of software today in an opinion/editorial piece for the Wall Street Journal recently. In his article entitled, "Software Hardball," McNealy addresses the impact standardizing a file format, like the OpenDocument Format (ODF), will have on the industry.

How Solaris DTrace Came to Be
An Interview with Bryan Cantrill

Bryan Cantrill, the Sun engineer responsible for the invention of Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace), recalled the serendipitous accident that led to the development of that technology in a recent conversation with Brendon Chase of Builder AU in a Developer Spotlight article. It all started with a computer that thought of itself as a router.

Sun XML Schema Developer Kohsuke Kawaguchi Shares His Story
Mom's Laptop Got the Ball Rolling
Kohsuke Hawaguchi's romance with computers all began with a laptop his mother bought for her personal use that he eventually appropriated. He told Janice J. Heiss in a Sun Developer Network article that he wrote a number of games in BASIC for that computer and finally campaigned for a more expensive desktop on which he started writing shareware.
StorageTek Becomes a Major Core Business Brand for Sun
Sun Executive Highlights Latest with StorageTek Integration

StorageTek now joins Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Java technology and UltraSPARC as one of Sun's major brands that can be used independently by third-party vendors, said Mark Canepa, executive vice president, Data Management Group, as reported by China Martens with IDG News Service.

Sun NAS Solutions Can Beat Any Major Appliance Competitor
The Company Offers 10 Proof Points with Evidence to Back the Claim

If you are considering a network-attached storage (NAS) solution, Sun invites you to take a close look at its NAS appliances, which it claims can beat any major appliance competitor in the marketplace today. Sun has outlined 10 proof points to back its claim and invites you to review them to see why you should choose Sun.

Encryption Strategies by Sun Data Management Group
Learn the Recommended Methods and Key Management Strategies

In today's digital era, data itself cannot be controlled, but access to data can be controlled with encryption keys, touts the "Sun Data Management Group Encryption Strategies: The Key to Controlling Data." This document expounds the benefits of limiting access to data regardless where it resides within an IT environment and outlines Sun's encryption strategy.

IDC White Paper: "NAS Helps Customers Address File Storage Growth"
Examines the Benefits of NAS in Comparison to General Purpose Servers

An IDC White Paper written by Brad Nisbet and sponsored by Sun examines the growing amount of file-level activity pervasive in many enterprise organizations and current solutions aimed at addressing this market need, such as Sun's new network-attached storage (NAS) solutions.

Using Sun Secure Application Switch to Cluster and Secure Web Applications
Tutorial Shows How to Cut Administrative Time, Capital Outlays
A method for securing and clustering web applications using the Sun Secure Application Switch is the subject of "Clustering and Securing Web Applications: A Tutorial" by Sreeram Duvur and Jason Goldschmidt, with contributions from Vivek Sedhumadhavan and Marina Sum, which was published as a Sun Developer Network article.
Sun Java System Application Server PE 9 Beta Preview
Solution Supports Java EE 5 Technical Specifications

Tony Ng, Jerome Dochez and Steve Meloan have written an article for the Sun Developer Network that previews the key features of the Java EE 5 Software Developer Kit (SDK) and the beta release of the Sun Java Application Server, Platform Edition (PE) 9.

New Features of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5
Improves Strengths of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

John Stearns, Roberto Chinnici and Sahoo explain the rationale behind the development of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5, which grew out of its predecessor, the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.4 (J2EE) and was designed to improve on and streamline its features.

Improvements in Solaris Express 2/06 (Nevada Build 31)
Dan Price Weblog Presents Extensive Catalog of Changes

In a recent Weblog, Dan Price brought his readers up to date on the contents of Solaris Express 2/06 (Nevada Build 31), which includes some 1150 bug fixes, along with a variety of new features that he outlines.

Sun Offers Developer Service Plans
New Tool to Shorten Application Development Lifecycles

Sun Developer Service Plans, a new comprehensive program for developers, has been created to help shorten application development learning cycles, increase productivity and take full advantage of the Sun software development tools in the creation of enterprise-class applications for the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), Java technology and the Sun Java Enterprise System.

Using Import and Include Statements with XML Namespaces
Part 2 in Article Series Explains How to Create Aggregate Schemas

This how-to on creating aggregate schemas with import and include statements is Part 2 of an article "Namespaces in XML Schemas" by Chris Webster and Marine Sum. Part 1 introduced XML namespaces and the application of them in XML schemas. [15466]

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