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Dutch City Relying on Sun Network-Based Desktop Computing System
Sun Ray Technologies Provide Security with Less Operational Costs
February 20, 2006,
Volume 96, Issue 4

The Groningen project is an excellent example of how network-based computing can be leveraged for economic and social benefit.

-- Alan Brenner

The city of Groningen in Holland is using Sun RayTM ultra-thin client technology, Sun Secure Global Desktop software and the SolarisTM 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) in its OneRegion Project that plans on connecting non-profit organizations to its Internet Exchange via fiber, ADSL or high speed wireless internet.

"This is an extremely exciting project and delivers fully on our 'Everyone connected to the Network' vision," said Bix Jacobse, CEO of the Groningen Internet Exchange. "Our vision is aligned with Sun's own vision of 'The Network is the Computer' and we boldly move into the future together."

This project began with Groningen's Deputy Mayor Koen F. Schuiling's vision for access to an open broadband network serving business and institutions first and its citizens thereafter. TCN, a large real estate company in Groningen, invested in a world class central data center, linking the Internet and the region through the Internet Exchange via a fiber network to deliver controlled and secure access to information to all users. Sun's thin clients have provided security across this entire network irrespective of who is using it. The centralization of storage and applications has given administrators greater control over the user environment.

"Growth in network-based computing is being driven by security issues, malware and users' desire for simpler experience," said Alan Brenner, vice president of the Client Systems Group at Sun. "Using Sun's Sun Ray ultra thin client devices and Secure Global Desktop software means there is no local data that can be compromised - companies can even outsource to different geographies but retain IP in home country. The Groningen project is an excellent example of how network-based computing can be leveraged for economic and social benefit."

Covering a region of the three Northern Provinces of Holland, the OneRegion Project will be retrieving the organizations' data using Sun Ray clients as the information desktop display. All users will be linked into a central data center where they can access a wide array of applications. This program will involve government departments, schools, universities, hospitals, museums, libraries, job centers and seekers as well as commercial companies and, ultimately, home users.

The city of Groningen has begun deploying the Sun Ray thin client technology to a first round of schools and government agencies with a commitment to consider deploying 20,000 Sun Ray clients in the first three years. These deployments will be managed by Sun Advantage Partner cards Engineering with a target to grow to 30,000 within five years, and the potential to deploy 50-60,000 Sun Ray clients when all sectors adopt the thin client model.

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