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Sun Offers Users Sun Grid Compute Utility in Two Flavors
Both Commercial and Public Varieties Attract Customers
The future of the grid looks bright to Sun executive Stuart Wells, who is driving the Utility Grid Computing initiatives, Managed Services, Sun Financing and the Remanufacturing Program. With two grid offerings in place, Sun is well ahead of both IBM and HP, its rivals in the field.
Sun Java Identity Management Suite: A Dual-purpose Solution
Sun VP Sara Gates Sees Possibilities for Both Protection and Growth
Sara Gates is VP of Identity Management for Sun Microsystems and, demonstrably, a contrarian thinker. For example, it's her view that cars have brakes, not so they can stop, but so they can go fast. Going fast through automation is what Gates has in mind for Sun's enterprise customers who use the Sun Java Identity Management Suite.
Death of UNIX Announcement is Premature
Still Alive and Kicking, Says Charles Babcock

Charles Babcock is nowhere near ready to bury UNIX. With US$2 billion market share, he finds it still a contender in the world of operating systems, though he concedes in his January 24, 2006, InformationWeek Weblog that "the future belongs to Linux."

Hiring on the Increase in Tech Sector
Some Slow Spots But, as a Whole, Industry Seems Upbeat

Employment in the tech sector is looking up, according to Spencer Ante, writing for Business Week online. Ante reports the creation of 125,000 jobs in 2005, as determined by Moody's Mark Zandi, its chief economist, projects the creation of 217,000 in 2006, along with wage increases.

Sun's UltraSPARC T1 Servers to Get Virtualization Technology
Logical Domain Feature to be Added in Firmware Update Later This Year

Executive Vice President of Sun's Scalable Systems Group David Yen revealed that virtualization technology called logical domains will be added to the Sun Fire T2000 and Sun Fire T1000 servers later this year, allowing these UltraSPARC T1 servers to run multiple operating systems simultaneously, reported Stephen Shankland with CNET

Customers Choose Sun for System Availability, Performance, Functionality
In IDC 2005 U.S. Enterprise Server Vertical Market Survey

In an IDC 2005 U.S. enterprise server vertical market survey, buyers cited 'better value for money' and 'better systems performance' as the key determinants influencing their system investment decisions. Respondents noting Sun as their preferred vendor cited system availability, followed by better system performance and better system functionality as the reasoning behind their decision.

New ATO CPU/Memory Board Options
For Sun Fire E2900 Servers

All existing UltraSPARC III and UltraSPARC IV CPU/memory boards are available as assemble-to-order (ATO) options on the Sun Fire E2900 server. Customers can now factory integrate any UltraSPARC III, UltraSPARC IV or UltraSPARC IV+ CPU/memory board onto a new Sun Fire E2900 server.

Last Order Date for PCI I/O Assembly for Sun Fire Servers Extended
Applies to Sun Fire E4900 and E6900 Servers

The end of life (EOL) for the Sun Fire midrange server PCI I/O Assembly announced in the summer of 2005 is still in effect; however, the last order date for assembly part number 4050A for the Sun Fire E4900 and Sun Fire E6900 servers has been extended to March 26, 2006.

Java Technology
2006 JavaOne Conference Call for Exhibitors Now Open
Early Registration Also Being Taken With Added Benefits
Registration and call for exhibitors for the 2006 JavaOne Conference scheduled for May 16-19 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco is now open. The 2006 Conference will encompass hundreds of in-depth technical sessions, hands-on labs, Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions (BOFs), industry panels, advanced how-to's, technical case studies, tutorials and more.
Use of Java Technology on the Rise for SMB Developers
Evans Data Corporation Survey Indicates Java EE Up 50% in 6 Months

An Evans Data Corporation's Small-Medium Businesses (SMB) Development Survey recently revealed that the use of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) has jumped by 50 percent in the last six months with nearly 40 percent of SMB developers using Java EE and another 13 percent indicating they will be using it within 2 years.

Web Services Integration Profile Released by OSS Through Java
Supports Web-service-based SOA Demanded by Telecom Carriers
The OSS (Operations Support Systems) through Java (OSS/J) Initiative has made available a web services integration profile for its Trouble Ticket API (JSR 91). OSS/J-enabled web services will allow service providers to make OSS services available to customers and business partners without major investments in client software and custom communications software.
Nominations Being Taken for Fourth Annual Duke's Choice Awards
Search is On for the Most Innovative Projects Using the Java Platform
Nominations for the 2006 Duke's Choice Awards are now being accepted for the best and most innovative uses of Java technology with a submission deadline of March 15, 2006. The primary judging criterion for this prestigious award is innovation and places small developers on an equal footing with multi-national giants.
The Project Mustang Regressions Challenge Contest
Report Compatibility Bugs and Possibly Win Ultra 20 Workstation
Win one of five Ultra 20 workstations from Sun when you find a bug in the version to version compatibility of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) in its upcoming release 6, also known as Mustang. From now to March 31, 2006, software developers acknowledging a "regression" in Mustang from earlier versions are eligible to win.
A New "Get Java" Button Program is Launched
Your Web Site Can Offer Easy Access to Latest Java Plug-in
A new "Get Java" Button program is being launched for third parties to show their support for Java technology and help their customers access the tools necessary to run their Java technology-based applications. With a "Get Java" button on a web site, third parties are offering customers and web site users easy access to the Java runtime environment (JRE).
IEEE Agrees on Proposed Next High-speed Wi-Fi Standard
801.11n to Create Possibilities for VoIP, Streaming Video, Higher Throughput

The preliminary arguments have finally concluded over the WiFi standard now called 802.11n, reports Kevin McLaughlin for CRN. An IEEE task group put an end to the dispute by agreeing on a proposal for the new standard at a recent meeting in Hawaii.

More Than 100,000 Wi-Fi HotSpots Now in Operation Worldwide
JiWire Survey Finds U.S. in the Lead; Top Individual City: Seoul, Korea

Wi-Fi spots worldwide now exceed 100,000 reports Matt Hamblen, writing for ComputerWorld. The U.S. is in the lead with over 37.000 hot spots, although Seoul, South Korea is the city with the most hot spots. A survey found some 8,000 hot spots were available free, while the remaining 92,000 plus charge a fee.

    Sun Sees Rosy Prospects in Indian Telecom, Banking Markets
    Demand for Services Holds Promise for High-end Server Line

    The Indian telecom and banking markets interest Sun Microsystems, according to K.P. Unnikrishnan, director of marketing for the company in India. A recent story in the Economic Times noted that Sun's share of the core banking solutions market was 67 percent.

      Worldwide VoIP Semiconductor Market Expects Major Growth
      IDC Projects US$2.4 Billion Market by 2009

      The expected growth of VoIP is predicted by IDC to cause a correspondingly high growth rate in the semiconductor industry. The figures forecast a semiconductor market growing to over US$2.4 billion in 2009, reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 38.9 percent for the period 2004-2009. There are some cautions, however.

      Asia/Pacific Telecom Industry Faces Disruptive Challenges in 2006
      IDC Predicts Ten Major Trends for the Coming Year

      IDC has issued its predictions for the top ten trends in the Asia/Pacific telecommunications market. Sandra Ng, VP for Asia/Pacific Communications, Peripherals and Services Research characterized the coming year as one in which, "Shifting business models and strategies are the key themes...."

      Financial Services
      Listen to Webcasts and Audiocasts of Sun Analyst Summit 2006
      Annual Event for Industry and Financial Analysts

      Listen to Sun executives highlight the company's 2006 priorities, long-term strategy and vision by tuning in to on-demand replays of sessions held during the annual Sun Analyst Summit which took place January 31 - February 2 in San Francisco. Keynotes from Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy, President and COO Jonathan Schwartz and others are available.

      New Online Trading System to Expedite Customer Trading
      Sun's Network Computing Infrastructure Meets Challenge of Geojit Financial Services

      Geojit Financial Services, India's leading financial services company and operator of India's first online trading system, will be launching a new, enhanced online trading system called Mercury Online that was developed by deploying Sun's mid-range datacenter servers based on UltraSPARC IV processors in a high availability configuration running on the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Sun Cluster.

      Financial Insights' Top Strategic IT Initiatives for Banking
      IDC Company Also Offering U.S. Banking Spending Guide
      IDC company Financial Insights has released its annual report identifying the Top 10 IT initiatives that will have key strategic importance for banking organizations worldwide in 2006, and announced the availability of a U.S. banking IT spending guide that provides five-year spending forecasts with specific data related to banks' and credit unions' allocation of their IT dollars.
      Sun Infrastructure, Fidelity Profile Software Taking Thai Bank Into the Future
      Offers One of the Largest Real-time, Online-banking Databases in the World
      Thailand's second largest commercial bank, Krung Thai Bank (KTB), has chosen network infrastructure from Sun to power Fidelity Information Services Profile software, a real-time core system that now handles its 13 million customer accounts. KTB's implementation is among the largest installations of real-time implementations running on a single vendor platform, namely Sun's Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).
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