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Free and Open Source S/W
Download Portable Now
Carry Applications and Databases Around on a Portable Device
Users can now download Portable, a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package and database, which comes in a version that users can carry around on a USB thumbdrive, portable hard drive, iPod or other portable device and use on any Windows computer.
OpenSolaris Kernel for PowerPC Built
Integration of GRUB2 and PowerPC Genunix Is in the Works
The OpenSolaris kernel for PowerPC has been completed, reports Dennis Clarke, and it will be only a matter of time before GRUB2 and the PowerPC genunix will be integrated, enabling users to run on the Genesi ODW.
Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 Released
New Features Give Control of Appearance to Users
Among the features in the newly available Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 are "...a software update system, spell check as you type, built in phishing detector, auto save as draft and support for deleting attachments from email messages. Message filtering has also been improved with new filter actions for replying and forwarding," according to Scott MacGregor with Mozilla.
People Service to Give Users of Liberty Alliance Web Service New Social Tool
Allows Granting Selective Access Without Compromising Security
People Service, a feature of the second version of the Liberty Alliance's web services framework (ID-WSF 2.0), enables users to securely access such social applications as blogs, instant messaging and photos securely and with an increased margin of safety for identity information.
Sun StorEdge 6920 System with 300 GB 10k rpm HDDs
Includes Software v3.0.1 Enabling Sun StorEdge Data Replicator Software
The Sun StorEdge 6920 system now offers 300 GB 10k rpm HDDs along with a software (v3.0.1) that enables Sun StorEdge Data Replicator software to run on this midrange Sun system, increasing its data protection and continuity capabilities. These new HDDs increase the maximum capacity of these systems, achieving a lower cost/MB.
Sun StorEdge 9900 In-System Replication Suite
For the Sun StorEdge 9985 Systems

Earlier this month, Sun released the Sun StorEdge 9900 In-System Replication Suite for the Sun StorEdge 9985 systems. This suite provides a non-disruptive, host-independent data replication solution for creating copies of any customer accessible data within Sun StorEdge 99xx storage systems. It comes with both Copy-on-Write Snapshot and ShadowImage volume copy software.

Storage Standard to Facilitate Interoperability Between Vendors
XAM Spec Allows Reference Data Mobility Between Multi-vendor Devices
A proposed new specification for an application/storage interface, titled eXtensible Access Method or X-Access Method (XAM), is intended to provide an interface for the longevity and mobility of reference information that is independent from any specific storage system technology, vendor solution or the location of a storage system or data.
Storage Consolidation: Customers Gain Value, VARs Earn Profit
Using the Right Skills to Profitably Meet Customers' Needs

A feature article on Storage Networking World Online by freelance writer Robert L. Scheier entitled, "How VARs Can Profit From Storage Consolidation," explains how storage consolidation can help increase the profit margin for VARs with the right skills while still solving customers' demands in today's competitive market.

"Web Consolidation on the Sun Fire T1000 Server Using Solaris Containers"
Configuration Outperforms Xeon-based Server Consolidation
Kevin Kelly's Sun BluePrints OnLine paper "Web Consolidation on the Sun Fire T1000 Server Using Solaris Containers" examines the configuration and testing of the server as a web-tier consolidation platform and concludes that the combined solutions work well in this application.
Sun's Throughput Computing Initiative Ushers in the Participation Age
UltraSPARC T1 Processor, CoolThreads Make It Happen
The focus of Sun's Throughput Computing Initiative has been to address the issues of processor design (and limitations), throughput, datacenter real estate, and power consumption. The initiative has responded to this wide range of considerations with the UltraSPARC T1 processor with CoolThreads technology, designed to exploit the advantages available with chip multithreading (CMT).
"Virtualization: Architectural Considerations And Other Evaluation Criteria"
VMware's ESX Server Is Called "Production-ready"

In the VMware white paper "Virtualization: Architectural Considerations And Other Evaluation Criteria," the company's approach to hypervisor architecture -- virtual machines managed by a software layer installed on bare metal -- is examined through consideration of the architecture itself, solution support and enterprise readiness as it applies to x86 systems virtualization.

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