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Understanding the UltraSPARC T1 Processor
Designed with High Transaction Throughput in Mind

Enterprises trying to meet a rising volume of customer and partner interactions on the web have routinely added more servers at the edge and middle tiers of the typical three-tier architecture. This approach has been ineffective in a number of ways. Now, customers have the UltraSPARC T1 processor as the ideal solution.

Metaphors: A New Programming Language
Victoria Livschitz Explains how to Make Programming Less Counterintuitive
Victoria Livschitz is a principal architect at Sun and an adjunct staff member at Sun Labs. She is, as well, expert in next-generation programming languages that address the issue of counterintuitiveness in modern programming paradigms. Janice J. Heiss interviewed Livschitz on this subject and the language that she calls Metaphors.
Is Microsoft Really Behind Office Open XML Formats?
Some Observers Suggest It Is Not

While Microsoft professes enthusiasm for the pending acceptance of its Office Open XML Formats as a standard, there are plenty of skeptics who question exactly what they have in mind up in Redmond, Wash. as some critical elements are being withheld from the deal.

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0: Ready for Migration
James Gosling and Mark Reinhold Invite Adopters
Few people have as complete a sense as James Gosling of just how ready for migration the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE 5.0) is. He and Java SE Chief Engineer Mark Reinhold recently shared their views with Janice J. Heiss. Gosling, in particular, deems the version eminently ready for use.
ISVs Capitalizing on Sun Partner Advantage Program
New Industry Advantage Track for ISVs to Further Enhance Appeal

The number of independent software vendors (ISVs) joining the Sun Partner Advantage Program has risen significantly since the program's inception in September 2005, Sun reports, so it is adding to this program by launching the nomination-based Sun Partner Advantage Program for ISVs Industry Advantage Track where nominated participants will be promoted to Principal Partner status.

Driving Partners to Generate New Business
Sun's Channel Program Updating Key Elements Beginning in February

Sun is revamping its channel program with promised upgrades in rebates and discounts for its Strategic Data Center Elite and Storage Elite programs that are to take effect this coming February. Sun also is working on a new campaign to replace its SunFund marketing program.

Oracle Updates Pricing Structure for Multi-core Processors
Aim is to Help Customers Leverage Multi-core Chip Technology
Oracle is updating its multi-core processor pricing and licensing policy to help customers take advantage of the recent advancements in multi-core processor chips from leading vendors such as AMD, IBM, Intel and Sun. According to Charles Babcock with InformationWeek, Oracle's pricing change favors Sun's UltraSPARC Niagara processors.
BEA Systems Sets New World Record with Sun Fire T2000 Servers
Demonstrated to be 31% Faster Than Competitive Servers
BEA Systems, Inc. has set new world performance records with the Sun Fire T2000 servers, the company reported recently. BEA Weblogic Server on the Sun Fire T2000 was 31 percent faster than the performance of a four-way 1.6 GHz competitive server on the dual node SPECjAppServer2004.
AXS-One Scores Major Win with Sun's Assistance
16th Largest U.S. Bank Holding Co. Selects AXS-One With Sun

AXS-One Inc.'s partnership with Sun StorageTek has helped lead the high-performance records compliance management software solutions provider in winning over the 16th largest bank holding company in the U.S. - North Fork Bancorp. AXS-One will be providing a comprehensive information lifecycle management, records compliance and legal discovery solution to North Fork Bank.

Integrating Sun and StorageTek's Product Lines
Randy Kerns Comments on the Process and on Holographic Storage

Among the many things Randy Kerns is responsible for as vice president for strategy and planning in the Sun Microsystems Data Management Group is integration of the StorageTek product line into the overall Sun price list. Lucas Mearian of Computerworld spoke with Kerns about developments involving Sun and its recent acquisition.

    Applying Information Lifecycle Management Techniques
    How to Make Data more Accessible and Less Expensive to Keep

    W.H. Inmon discusses strategies for effective database management and cost reduction in his Sun White Paper "Managing the Lifecycle of Data," where he considers methods for hierarchical organization of data that expedite the searching process and allocate expenditures for data storage according to their frequency of use.

    Repricing of the Sun StorEdge 3320 SCSI Array
    Positions Storage Solution More Competitively

    Sun is repricing its average hardware configurations for the Sun StorEdge 3320 SCSI Array by an average of 10-15 percent. At the same time, Sun is announcing the pending retirement from its price list of the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array, the Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI Array 36 GB 15K rpm drive configurations and 36 GB 15K rpm SCSI disk drives.

    Three White Papers Examine the Sun StorEdge 5210/5310 NAS Appliance
    Storage Consolidation and Home Directories, Disaster Recovery and Web Serving

    Three recent white papers provide perspectives on NAS storage consolidation as it involves web serving, home directories and disaster recovery. Each is considered in brief in this article.

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