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McNealy Upbeat as Ever on Sun's Prospects
"Sun Is Back" He Tells BusinessWeek
Eventually everyone gets a chance to ask Scott McNealy about how Sun plans to make money giving away software. Peter Burrows of BusinessWeek just quizzed the Sun CEO and chairman, who responded that more was involved than the old "we'll make it up on volume" argument.
Sun Offers the Moon (and the Kitchen Sink as well)
Timothy Prickett Morgan Analyzes the Open Source Effort

Timothy Prickett Morgan's cogent, thought-provoking analysis of Sun's Solaris Enterprise System and what it may owe to IBM's experience with the AS/400 is well worth a reader's time. The article, written for IT Jungle, suggests IBM should be more than a little nervous about the possible success Sun may enjoy with its current open-source marketing strategy.

Loiacono Explains Sun's Open-source Marketing Strategy
Open Source is Not Just for Developers, But Architects and SysAdmins as Well
It's not just developers that Sun is targeting in its open-source initiative, John Loiacono told Computerworld's Patrick Thibodeau. The Sun executive vice president for software products explained that Sun is also seeking the involvement of architects and systems administrators as well.
The Future of Java Programming Language an Unknown
It's in the Hands of the Community Says James Gosling

Speaking recently at the Sun Tech Days Worldwide Developer Conference in Toronto, James Gosling, CTO of the Java Enterprise and Development Group at Sun, urged the audience to involve themselves with the Java Community Process (JCP), which he believes is at the heart of the future for the Java programming language.

Java Technology
Open Java DB Incorporated into the Sun Java Enterprise System
Apache Derby Database Also to Be Added to NetBeans IDE 5.0

The Sun supported distribution of the Apache Derby Project open Java DB has been incorporated into the Sun Java Enterprise System and will be included soon in the NetBeans IDE 5.0 with a new plug-in, Sun announced. The fourth release of the Java Enterprise System now uses the open Java DB.

Security Vulnerabilities Fixed in Java Runtime Environment
Sun Recommends Upgrading to Resolve Issue

Recent security bugs in the Java runtime environment (JRE) have been fixed by Sun, according to an article by Joris Evers with CNET Reported as "highly critical" flaws by Secunia, these flaws exposed computers running Windows, Linux and Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) to hacker attack.

Java Becomes Dominant Language on Open Source Projects' Site
SourceForge Reports Java Beating C++ in Number of Projects

The SourceForge Web site announced the Java programming language overtook C++ in the number of projects on the repository of open-source projects site, becoming the dominant language for the first time. As of December 1, the Java programming language surpassed C++ with 16,738 projects versus 16,731 for C++, reported Darryl K. Taft with eWeek.

"Best Practices, Strategies for J2EE, Web Services and Identity Management"
Developing an Application Security Strategy and Implementation
Java security architects Christopher Steel, Ramesh Nagappan and Ray Lai have written a hands-on practitioner's guide to building robust end-to-end security into Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) enterprise applications, web services, identity management, service provisioning and personal identification solutions.
"Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, Third Edition"
Updated with J2EE 1.4 Information, Open Source Java Tools
Revised and updated for the new Java Platform, Enterprise Edition version 1.4, "Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, Third Edition" was released in November with insight into this latest Sun software. Written by Jim Farley and William Crawford with contributions from Prakash Malani, John Norman and Justin Gehtland, this practical guide is ideal for enterprise Java developers.
"Wicked Cool Java: Code Bits, Open-Source Libraries, and Project Ideas"
Idea Source Book Offers 101 Useful Tips and Techniques
Publisher No Starch Press has released "Wicked Cool Java: Code Bits, Open Source Libraries, and Project Ideas," which is intended to help developers, system architects and even advanced hobbyists leverage their existing knowledge in order to get the most out of the Java programming language.
Free and Open Source S/W
Solaris Source Code Release Called Smart Move
OpenSolaris Rolls Grow, Derivative Distributions Surface

One clear measure of the success Sun hoped for in its release of Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) source code is the registration of 10,000 people at the OpenSolaris Web site and the creation of more than 24 OpenSolaris user groups since the release in June 2005. This and other evidence suggest that Sun's decision was astute.

The Secret of Open Source Projects
Why Silence Often Seems the Better Approach

Prompted perhaps by the comments of Sun's Erwin Tenhumberg and the Mozilla Foundation's Tristan Nitot at last month's OASIS conference in London, Ingrid Marson studied the question of why open source projects get so little publicity. Her two-part article for ZDNet UK also considers why not publicizing a migration to open source might just be a good idea.

To Open-Source or Not to Open-Source
TCO Is Not the Only Question

Forrester Research conducted a survey on open-source software use among 128 large North American organizations in early 2005 that produced some interesting results in terms of the reasons for adopting, or not adopting, open-source software. Mark Long comments on these results in NewsFactor Magazine Online.

Looking at Mozilla's Firefox 1.5: A Review
Some Improvements but Not a Major New Release
The recently released Mozilla Firefox 1.5 draws qualified praise from Jim Rapoza, who reports on the tests conducted on the solution in the labs of eWeek. Rapoza characterizes the version, not as a "major new release," but rather as an improvement over the earlier version.
"Producing Open Source Software"
A Guide to Managing FOSS Software Projects
Those developers whose view of free and open source software has been jaundiced by the failure of some past FOSS projects will be heartened by Karl Fogel's new book, "How to Run a Successful Free Software Project," new from O'Reilly, which details the various aspects of software projects with an aim to ensuring their success.
Sun Announces Upcoming Solaris 10 1/06 Operating System
Also Reveals Reduced Pricing for New Solaris Media Kits
The next update for the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) has a revenue release date for its download set for December 21, 2005, with general availability and its media kits scheduled for release January 23, 2006, Sun announced December 6.
Sun Java System Portal Server 7
Delivers Collaborative, Identity-based Content Through Web-based Apps

A new version of the Sun Java System Portal Server will provide developers and customers with a secure method of delivering collaborative and identity-based content through web-based applications. The Java System Portal Server 7 is available for download at no cost within the Sun Java Enterprise System, Solaris Enterprise System and Sun Java Application Platform Suite.

Sun Management Center 3.6
New Release Adds Key Requests for Enhancements
The Sun Management Center 3.6 released December 8, enhances application availability, optimizes performance and scalability and simplifies the monitoring and management of SPARC and x86-based systems running the Solaris Operating System, Linux systems and applications. With the Sun Management Center, system administrators are able to control the Sun infrastructure from virtually anywhere on the network or on the web.
Sun N1 System Manager 1.2
Adds Support for Sun's Latest Sun Fire Servers
During Sun Network Computing 2005 Q4, Sun announced the release of the N1 System Manager version 1.2 software that supports the company's newest Sun Fire servers, including the Sun Fire X2100, Sun Fire T1000 and Sun Fire T2000. N1 System Manager is designed to help manage each step of the infrastructure lifecycle.
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