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Sun Fire T2000 Server with CoolThreads Technology
Saving the World and Customers with Eco-Responsible Features
November 28, 2005,
Volume 93, Issue 5

...delivers performance with the lowest energy consumption and space efficiency.

Organizations can now break through limitations of capacity, space and cooling with the recently announced Sun FireTM T2000 industry standard server with CoolThreadsTM technology, which delivers performance with the lowest energy consumption and space efficiency. Noted by Sun to be the world's first eco-responsible server, the Sun Fire T2000 server is ideal for delivery of transaction and web services.

Key highlights of Sun's eco-responsible server include:

  • Chip Multithreading Technology (CMT) UltraSPARCR T1 processor, which delivers up to 32 simultaneous threads and up to 32 GB of DDR2 memory for breakthrough performance running commercial workloads. Sun reports this server delivers more than twice the throughput of many leading competitors on a server-to-server basis and five times on a rack-to-rack basis.

  • 325 watts nominal power consumption (with 550 watts power supplies), delivering four times the performance per watt compared to leading competitors while reducing power consumption, heat dissipation and environmental costs, Sun claims.

  • Space efficient, rack-optimized 2 RU design minimizes data center space and maximizing performance per RU.

  • SPARCR v9 compliant delivering binary compatibility to ensure investment protection of existing software assets while enabling customers to gain the benefits of CMT without the need to recompile applications.

  • High on chip RAS, redundant power supplies and fans, hot-pluggable disk drives and low component count for enhanced system uptime.

  • 5 PCI slots (3 x PCI-E & 2 x PCI-X) and 4 integrated 10/100/1000 Gbps Ethernet interfaces for exceptional expandability and network and I/O performance.

  • SolarisTM 10 3/05 HW2 Operating System (Solaris OS) pre-installed.

  • Pre-installed Sun JavaTM Enterprise System Software for a 90 day evaluation.

  • Sun Advanced Lights Out Manager (ALOM-CMT) offers simplified remote management with no hidden costs

  • Available for factory integration through the SunTM Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program.

The Sun Fire T2000 server is priced to compete in both x86 and RISC markets, Sun reports, and it is designed for enterprise customers running commercial web and transaction workloads. Organizations can expect to save money with Sun Fire T2000 server in their annual power and cooling costs. With CoolThreads technology, the Sun Fire T2000 server can deliver up to three times the performance using as little as 50 percent of the energy, and in a smaller footprint, Sun reports.

This new eco-responsible server can reduce the number of existing servers in an enterprise by 50 percent or more through consolidating onto these new Sun Fire servers. The Sun Fire T2000 server can double or triple data center capacity without increasing current data center size. In system tests, Sun reports, one customer increased its data streaming capacity by 25 times, or the equivalent of increasing the coverage area from metro Los Angeles to the entire US population.

Organizations can also expect to improve IT responsiveness and service level to users since the Sun Fire T2000 servers and Solaris 10 OS have proven they can deliver unmatched reliability, security and investment protection. This new efficient server design significantly increases reliability by using 20-60 percent fewer parts than competitive systems. It also offers improved web security via processor encryption speedup, which reportedly is as high as 7 times in comparison to Xeon-based servers. And, the Solaris 10 OS guarantees application compatibility so there is no need to replace current Solaris OS applications or skill sets.

The new Sun Fire T2000 servers are eligible for the SunSM Upgrade Advantage Program. Customers can trade-in and upgrade their old Sun or non-Sun servers and receive a trade-in allowance applied toward the list price of a new Sun Fire T2000 server. With this program customers have the option to trade-in their servers on a one-for-one basis or consolidating multiple servers to single Sun Fire T2000 servers.

General availability for the Sun Fire T2000 is expected December 06, 2005.

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