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John Loiacono Shares Next Year's Plans for Solaris OS
Expectations Are for an Early 2006 Debut of "Solaris Next"
When the next release of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), known as Solaris Next, is initially made available early next year, it will be as new code in OpenSolaris, where it will be integrated and tested, says John Loiacono, executive VP of the Software Group at Sun.
Greg Papadopoulos on Understanding Gordon Moore
Or, the Death of the Microprocessor
In the view of Greg Papadopoulos, executive VP and CTO at Sun, while many people remember Gordon Moore, too few understand the meaning of Moore's Law, which, he contends is purely and simply about the number of transistors on a chip. His argument is expressed in his blog "Don't Become Moore Confused."
Sun Solicits Help in Bridging the Digital Divide
Global Education and Learning Center Plays Key Role
At the recently concluded U.N. World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Sun issued an invitation to technology companies to join the effort to eliminate the digital divide by giving all citizens of all nations access to the riches of the network.
    Exploring the Challenges to IT Organizations in 2006
    Innovation and Adaptability Are Seen to Be Necessary for Survival

    Forrester Research put a number of its writers to work on gazing into the crystal ball for some notion of "WhatÂ’s Important To IT Management In 2006?" The report concludes that "IT organizations will more clearly divide into three tiers: solid utilities, trusted suppliers, and partner players" by the end of the coming year.

    A Tough Year or So for Itanium
    Some Points to Consider Before You Buy

    Before you commit your IT budget to the Itanium processor, it might behoove you to consider "Reality Check: Itanium - A Sound Bet for the Future?" which reviews some of the developments that have beset this technology over the past year or so.

    New Sun Quad GigaSwift PCI-X Adapter
    Replaces Sun Quad GigaSwift and Sun Quad FastEthernet Adapters
    Sun Quad GigaSwift PCI-X Adapter X4445A/4445A released in November is RoHS compliant (lead free) and will be replacing the Sun Quad GigaSwift Adapter (x4444A/4444A) and Sun Quad FastEthernet Adapter (LW8-QFE). This new release is ideal for server customers requiring multiple high performance network connectivity with limited I/O slots.
    Sun PCI-E Dual GigaEthernet Now RoHS-6 Compliant
    Meets the Strictest Requirements of RoHS Compliance

    New Sun PCI-E Dual GigaEthernet Adapters UTP and MMF have been released with full compliance to RoHS-6, which is the most restrictive requirement of RoHS compliance. Sun's PCI-E Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter products fullly meet the requirement of this level, which are lead (Pb) free products.

    New Port Fibre Channel and FICON Adaptors
    For Sun StorEdge 9990 and 9985 Systems

    Sun has released a 4 Gbit/sec 32 port Fibre Channel Adapter for the Sun StorEdge 9990 system and FICON adapters for the Sun StorEdge 9990 and 9985 systems. Both the 4 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel Adapter and the new 16-port FICON adapter provides customers with performance improvements.

    Sun Type 7 Keyboard and Optical Scroll Mouse
    To Replace Type 6 Keyboards and Crossbow Mouse

    The Sun Type 7 keyboard and optical scroll mouse are the RoHS compliant follow-on products to the Sun Type 6 keyboard and crossbow mouse. When buying a Sun Type 7 product, customers receive a fully tested input device with ergonomic enhancements that is compatible with Sun workstations and Sun Ray thin clients.

    New and Repriced Hardware Spares
    Includes UltraSPARC IV+ Uniboards, Sun Ultra 20 Workstation Parts

    More Sun hardware spare parts have been released including new 1.5 GHz UltraSPARC IV+ uniboards for Sun Fire servers, new miscellaneous spare parts for the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation, repriced spare disk drives and new spare cables for Sun StorEdge systems. Sun hardware spares are reliable parts designed with the latest revision improvements.

    Sun Fire Servers Set Two New World Record Benchmarks
    Sun Fire E25K, Sun Fire E6900 Beat IBM in Performance and Price/Performance
    The Sun Fire E25K UltraSPARC IV+ system, along with the Oracle Database 10g Release 2, have set a data warehousing performance TPC-H SF10000 benchmark record, outperforming and offering better price/performance than HP and IBM. Additionally, the Sun Fire E6900 UltraSPARC IV+ system logged a record-breaking performance on the SPECjbb2005 benchmark.
    Sun Fire T2000 Server with CoolThreads Technology
    Saving the World and Customers with Eco-Responsible Features

    Organizations can now break through limitations of capacity, space and cooling with the recently announced Sun Fire T2000 industry standard server with CoolThreads technology, which delivers performance with the lowest energy consumption and space efficiency. The Sun Fire T2000 server is noted by Sun to be the world's first eco-responsible server.

    PCI+ I/O Assembly for the Sun Fire E2900 Servers
    Technology Updates Offer Up to 40 Percent Performance Improvement
    The Sun Fire E2900 servers now have a PCI+ interface board (IB-SSC) that can provide up to a 40 percent performance improvement over the existing PCI model for these servers. This PCI+ assembly is also field upgradable to all existing Sun Fire E2900 and Sun Fire V1280 servers.
    Sun Java Embedded Server Officially Reaches its End of Life
    Last Order Date Set for February 10, 2006

    Sun has officially announced the end of life (EOL) for the Sun Java Embedded Server, which had essentially reached its EOL in late 2003. This announcement formalizes the server's EOL and cleans up invalid pricebook references. The last order date has been set for February 10, 2006.

    System Administration Guide to Solaris Containers
    BigAdmin Page Deals with Solaris Zones, Resource Management

    A new BigAdmin page provides links to a variety of topics concerning Solaris Zones, a feature of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) which act as secure, flexible, scalable and lightweight virtualized OS services that appear as individual Solaris instances.

    Managing SOA Evolution and Deployment
    Benefits of an SOA Registry-Repository

    The increasing complexity and scale of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) service components and the common, broad deployments being made of them today requires differing means of keeping track of their state and their whereabouts. A recent paper provides suggestions on the uses of an SOA registry-repository.

    Considerations That Apply to Backup and Restoration of Systems
    How to Decide Whether to Restore from Global or Non-global Zones

    Penney Cotten's BigAdmin article "Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery on a System With Zones Installed" discusses the variety of means available to back up zone configurations and data on systems running the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) with recommendations on the best methods to use.

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