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UltraSPARC T1 Microprocessor Meets the 'Participation Age'
Throughput Computing at a Lower Cost, Says Scott McNealy

With its UltraSPARC T1 processor, Sun is taking another giant step in the evolution toward becoming a systems vendor for customers of whatever size. Jeffrey Burt, senior editor at eWEEK, interviewed Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy for his view on the importance of this new technology to Sun and the industry.

Sun x64 Servers Address the Real Needs of Tomorrow's Enterprises
Heightened Performance, Lower Operating Costs, Easier Management

The story behind the design and production of the Sun x64 server line is a case study in foresight. Sun built this server line with an eye to the future, and the capabilities of the product substantiate of the quality of that vision.

Sun Identity Management for Financial Services
A Tool for Managing Compliance and Risk Reduction Problems

The financial services industry faces the need to comply with a number of regulatory requirements and to provide risk reduction as a means of fostering confidence among its customers. A Sun white paper addresses these issues and proposes solutions to them, chiefly through the use of the Sun Identity Management for Financial Services solution.

Eco-Responsibility: Design for the Environment
Sun's Environmental Sensitivity in Product Design and Manufacturing

Sun has a long record of sensitivity to environmental concerns and of compliance with standards, both national and international, for responsible, efficient use of resources that minimizes damage to the ecosystem. This record is evident in how the company approaches its eco-responsibility in designing for the environment.

"Unix in a Nutshell, Fourth Edition"
An Up-to-date Reference Guide to UNIX Commands
The fourth edition of "UNIX in a Nutshell" by Arnold Robbins is now available from O'Reilly. The book unscrambles the complexities that have arisen from the variety of versions of UNIX and its derivatives in use today. Robbins has sharpened the focus on open source and on free software-based systems.
Java Technology
Crack the Verifier!
Developers Challenged to Test New Java Verifier in Java SE 6.0

Java developers are being challenged to crack a Type Checking Verifier planned for the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 6.0. This challenge is an invitation to developers to help secure the bytecode verifier, which lies at the heart of Java security, and special recognition will be rewarded to any flaw finders.

2006 JavaOne Conference Call for Papers
Submit Proposal by November 30, 2005
Although the 2006 JavaOne Conference is months away, preparations are already taking place, including a Call for Papers. The committee reviewing papers is looking for content with extensive and original curriculum, practical training and interactive sessions. The deadline for submitting a proposal is November 30, 2005.
Learn to Use Java Dynamic Proxy-Creation Facility
Free Excerpt From "Java Reflection in Action" Hosted by SDN
If you haven't read the Manning Publication "Java Reflection in Action" and are interested in learning more about Java's dynamic proxy, then visit the Sun Developer Network Web site, which is hosting a preview chapter from this book that focuses on this aspect of the Java programming language.
Share Your Experience with the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8
Win a Sun Ultra 20 Workstation
Here's something that should be of interest to developers using the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 IDE development platform: Let James Gosling know how this IDE helped you create an innovative solution and make yourself eligible to win one of the 20 Sun Ultra 20 Workstations being offered as prizes.
Building Web-service Clients in Sun Java Studio Enterprise
Using JAX-RPC or Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Models
Building web-service clients is a necessary part of accessing web services. Rico Cruz and Marina Sum show how users can build web-service clients in the Sun Java Studio Enterprise solution using the example of Currency Exchange Rate on This solution returns the conversion rate between the currencies of any two countries entered by the user.
Mustang's System Tray Functionality
Allows for Accessing, Customizing this Specialized Area
Java Platform, Standard Edition 6.0 (Java SE), Mustang, enables access to the system tray using two separate classes in the java.awt package, both of which provide the ability to add graphics, popup menus and floating tip functionality to the system tray, according to Robert Eckstein, in a Sun Developer Network article.
"Mutual Authentication for Web Services: A Live Example"
Putting Adventure Builder to Work in the Supply Chain Environment

Mark Basler and Marina Sum have written a helpful guide to the implementation of mutual authentication that underlies secure web services using Adventure Builder. Adventure Builder employs the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 1.4 platform to meet the need for secure communications with external entities that users of supply-chain applications require.

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