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Fighting Tomorrow's Computer Attacks
Homeland Security's Efforts to Anticipate and Defend Against Cyber Attacks
The Science and Technology Directorate, the Research and Development Office of the Department of Homeland Security and the National Science Foundation are jointly responsible for funding two test beds available to researchers for replication of attacks on computer networks. Joab Jackson, writing for, characterizes the test beds as "...essential tools for fighting tomorrow's computer attacks."
Multimillion NSF Grant Supports Expansion of TeraGrid
Simultaneous Grant in U.K. Fosters Growth of Grid Computing
Over the next five years a USD$150 million grant from the National Science Foundation will help expand the Extensible Terascale Facility, known as the TeraGrid, which is the world's largest and most comprehensive distributed computing infrastructure, reports Alice Lipowicz for
    Brocade Silkworm 48000 and 200E Fibre Channel Switches
    Meets Demands for Large SANS and Small to Medium Businesses
    The Brocade SilkWorm 48000 director became generally available on October 11th, providing customers with 4 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel performance and scalability for large SANs. Additionally, the SilkWorm 200E was announced for small to medium business to extend 4Gb capability into edge switches, providing 8- to 16-port capability.
    End of Life Announced for the Brocade 3250 and 3850 FC Switches
    Brocade Silkworm 200E to Serve as Replacement

    With the release of 4Gb/sec products, the Brocade 3250 and 3850 2Gb/sec Fibre Channel Switches are reaching their end of life (EOL). The last order date is scheduled for January 13, 2006 with the last ship date set for April 14, 2006 and end of service life set for March 31, 2011.

    Variety of Sun Remanufactured Products Repriced and Reaching EOL
    Includes Entire Range of Servers and Some Desktop Products

    Sun has announced a variety of its Sun servers, workstations and other products are either being repriced or have reached their end of life. The repricing includes some of Sun's remanufactured products that offer customers the best price for a highly reliable, Sun-backed solution.

    New UltraSPARC IV+ Sun Fire E4900, E6900 Server Bundles
    Offers 50 to 80% Higher Performance than UltraSPARC IV
    The new Sun Fire E4900 and Sun Fire 6900 server bundles with the 1.5 GHz UltraSPARC IV+ Uniboards are ideal for customers requiring high performance, mission critical midrange data center servers. These server bundles give Sun customers, partners and resellers simple and complete configurations for easy stocking, reconfiguration and faster lead times.
    Sun Fire E2900 Server ATO Configuration and Options
    Factory Integrated CPU/Memory, PCI Adapters, Tape Option
    An assemble-to-order (ATO) configuration of the Sun Fire E2900 server is now available for customers at no additional charge or leadtime. Customers can chose from a combination of supported CPU/memory boards, select PCI adapters and an optional tape drive that will be shipped according to requested specifications.
    UltraSPARC IV+ Upgrade Kit Bundles
    For Sun Fire 4800, 6800 Servers
    Customers running Sun Fire 4800 and Sun Fire 6800 midrange servers that are interested in upgrading their systems to the newly released UltraSPARC IV+ 1.5 GHz Uniboards can take advantage of an upgrade kit bundle and promotion being offered by Sun.
    Sun Fire V490 and V890 ATO Server Configurations Now Offered
    Provides Customers With Additional Choice and Flexibility
    Customers soon will have a choice of assemble-to-order (ATO) configurations or standard configurations when ordering the Sun Fire V490 and Sun Fire V890 servers, which will be featuring UltraSPARC IV+ 1.5 GHz processors. This new option gives customers more choice and flexibility without a change in cost.
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