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New Sun Fire E20K and E25K Servers
Powered by UltraSPARC IV+ Processors
Sun has completed the recent upgrade of UltraSPARC IV+ processors to its server line by releasing new Sun Fire E20K and Sun Fire E25K servers. Available immediately, these new Sun servers allow customers to take advantage of these new levels of performance and "on the fly" uniboard upgrades within the same footprint.
Mark Thacker on Solaris and Security
Approaching Security as a Business Enabler
Sun's security strategy today focuses not only on preventing breaches but also on incorporating innovative solutions that improve the IT environment, says Mark Thacker, product line manager, Solaris Security, Sun Microsystems, Inc. In the first of three articles taken from a recent interview with System News Editor-in-Chief and CTO John J. McLaughlin, Thacker discusses the importance of defense-in-depth, differentiated access and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).
Jini Technology Starter Kit v2.1 Released
Offered Under the Apache License Version 2.0
The Jini Technology Starter Kit v2.1 is now general available and has been released under the Apache License version 2.0, Sun announced at the Ninth Jini Community Meeting this month. This starter kit implements newly approved standards developed with input and expertise from the developer community.
Belgian Electronic Identity Card Program Grows in Popularity
Demonstrated Interoperability and Integration with Multiple Sun Products

Sun has demonstrated the integration/interoperability of the Belgian Electronic Identity (eID) cards with the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), Sun Ray ultra-thin client and the Sun identity management platform to the Belgian Federal Government ICT (FEDICT). The Belgian eID cards are based on Java technology and provide identification, strong authentication and signature capabilities.

Two Researchers at Sun Microsystems Laboratories Win Awards
Radia Perlman and Ivan Sutherland Recognized for Innovation, Research
Two Sun Labs researchers have been recognized for outstanding innovation and achievement in their fields. Distinguished Engineer Radia Perlman was honored with an Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award, and Ivan Sutherland, Sun Fellow and vice president, received the 2005 Computer History Museum Fellows Award.
Sun and Transmode Systems Team Up for Demonstration
Multi-vendor Data Replication Over Native 4G Fibre Channel WDM
Recent analysts report rapid growth of 4G Fibre Channel deployments, with port sales rising from approximately 1 in 50 in 2004, to 1 in 3 in 2005. With this in mind, Sun and Transmode Systems set out to demonstrate a multi-vendor data replication over native 4G Fibre Channel and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM).
Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
Vol 91 4, Vol 92 Issues 1 and 2

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for each of the last three issues. The Web version of this article lists the top 10 articles for each of the last three issues. The top articles for the three most recent issues were:

StarOffice 8.0 Brings New Strengths to Office Productivity
Brand New Features, Enhancements Find Favor
Writing for NewsForge, Jem Matzan and Joe Brockmeier reported on their impressions of StarOffice 8 Office Productivity Suite, which they pronounced generally favorable, calling the solution " excellent value for businesses that do not depend on proprietary Microsoft formats for production work."
Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.1 Now Available
Important New Features Reduce Administrative Complexity
The Sun N1 Service Provisioning System 5.1 software includes important new features in its platform support package. This solution, which reduces the complexity of application lifecycle management, enables the rapid provisioning of services across heterogeneous systems. Users can provision an entire software stack from bare metal OS to application services.
Sun N1 System Manager: System Administration on a Single-console
Enables Comprehensive Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

The Sun N1 System Manager, now available, is a solution that provides a single point of integrated hardware and software management for Sun Opteron and SPARC systems. It enables rapid discovery, monitoring and provisioning of groups of bare metal for multiple Sun systems.

Sun Ray Server Software 3.1 Reviewed
Liberates Users From the Windows OS
Sean Doherty enumerates the good, the bad (but no ugly) features of the new Sun Ray Server Software 3.1 in a recent Network Computing article. The "good," he finds in support for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Linux, while the "bad," lies in requiring the costly 17-inch, flat-panel Sun Ray thin client desktop units.
Repricing Sun StorEdge 9985 and 9990 Systems
Approximately 10 to 15% Less for Hardware Configurations

The average hardware configuration for the Sun StorEdge 9985 and Sun StorEdge 9990 systems are being reduced by approximately 10-15 percent. According to Sun, the new reduced pricing will enable these Sun StorEdge systems to maintain their competitive positions within the marketplace.

Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array 500GB 7,200rpm Drive Configurations
Ideal as Secondary Storage Computing Environments
Twelve additional configurations of the Sun StorEdge 3511 SATA Array using 500GB 7,200rpm SATA drives are available, delivering up to 6TB of raw capacity per array. A full rack of Sun StorEdge 3511 Arrays can now support up to 114TB of raw storage.
Reduced Cost Bundles for Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library
Comes With Either a SCSI or FC Interface

Customers wanting to enter the enterprise tape automation market can take advantage of the Sun StorEdge L500 tape library, which now is offering two reduced cost bundles that include robots, controller cards and HP LTO 3 drives, and can be ordered with either a SCSI or FC interface.

Sun IT Infrastructure and Oracle Database Applications
A Combination That Results in Optimal Performance

Sun has a long history of involvement with Oracle in the joint development and testing of storage technology and database solutions. As a result of this collaboration Sun StorEdge hardware and software is well positioned as an IT infrastructure for Oracle to reside on.

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