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In This Corner, Sun and Google; In the Other, MICROSOFT
Who Will Come Out on Top?

In the fight shaping up between Sun and Google on one hand and Microsoft on the other, Joshua Macht with TIME Online Edition sees a remake of the classic David and Goliath story. He suggests, however, that more than the IT equivalent of a slingshot will be needed to vanquish the giant.

Google Transitions to Tiger - J2SE 5.0
A Talk with Google Software Engineer Li Moore
Li Moore is a software engineer at Google who had a hand in the company's transition to Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE 5.0). He outlined the experience in an interview with Robert Eckstein hosted on the Sun Developer Network Web site.
The Architectural Approach to Service Oriented Architectures
Calls for a Change of Culture Within an Organization
John Crupi and Dan Malks wrote the book on Java software development, "Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies," a seminal title that help lay the groundwork for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The authors discussed their ideas about SOA in the September 2005 issue of Sun's Inner Circle.
SOA Today: Lessons Learned and Speculation About What's Next
Creation of a Web-based Credit Aggregation Management System
Janice J. Heiss talks with T.N. Subramaniam, director of technology and chief architect at RouteOne LLC and Ashok Mollin, enterprise architect at Sun, about the implementation of an service oriented architecture (SOA) to provide a web-based credit aggregation management system (CAMS) for 80 percent of the 22,000 auto dealerships in the United States.
"Utility Tools for Management of Solaris Containers"
Discover and Instrument Solaris Zones for Resource Management

Learning how to utilize the Solaris 10 Operating System's (Solaris OS) built-in utility tools to instrument and manage Solaris Zones in Solaris Containers is the topic of a September 2005 Sun PDF by Lei Liu. These utilities allow for the monitoring and alarm setting of zone status for management applications.

Achieve IT Operational Excellence with Sun Preventive Services
Identifies and Manages Risk Conditions Across Entire IT Environment

Striving for IT operational efficiency is a goal for most system administrators. To achieve that goal, a healthy IT environment works on prevention rather than reaction to daily operations, claims Sun, whose Sun Preventive Services is offered as an efficient solution to help data center customers identify and manage risk conditions proactively across the entire IT environment.

    BigAdmin XPerts Session Covering Predictive Self-Healing
    Sun Engineers Cynthia McGuire and Liane Praza Fielding Questions

    System administrators can maximize availability in the face of software and hardware faults and facilitate a simpler and more effective end-to-end experience with the Predictive Self-Healing feature in the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), explain Sun engineers Cynthia McGuire and Liane Praza in the current BigAdmin XPerts Session.

    Sun Net Talk On Demand Online Seminars
    Access Information on Sun's Latest Technologies Anytime

    Sun Net Talk On Demand online seminars gives users access to information on the latest Sun technologies at their convenience. Currently, the new "Galaxy" x64 Sun Fire servers is just one of the featured Sun Net Talks available. Interested viewers are only required to register their email address before tuning in.

    Taking Advantage of the Security Features in the Solaris 10 OS
    Zones and Containers Prove an Effective Defense Against Exploitations
    In a recent article, Glenn Brunette explains the use of the containers and zones available in the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) to develop what he calls " enhanced ability to detect and contain security breaches, limit privilege escalation, and minimize installation of root kits, Trojan horses, and other malware."
    "Introduction to Intrusion Detection With Snort"
    Amy Rich Discusses the Pattern-Matching Approach to Security
    Amy Rich has written a Sun BigAdmin article entitled "Introduction to Intrusion Detection with Snort" that begins with a survey of intrusion detection systems (IDS) and then moves on to consider Snort, a pattern-matching network-based IDS. The paper considers abundant examples of code.
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