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The Accomplishments of a Sun Soothsayer
Marc Tremblay, Father of the Throughput Computing Paradigm
Chief Architect of Sun's Scalable Systems Group Marc Tremblay may not identify himself as a prophet, but his job duties and recent visions regarding multicore and multithreading technology seem to prove otherwise. Deemed the father of the multicore, multithread Throughput Computing paradigm, Tremblay appears to have a gift for determining future revolutionary technologies.
Grid and Utility Computing
Powerful Yet Economical Combination Advancing IT's Evolution

Unifying grid and utility computing may be one of this decade's significant advances in IT's evolutionary track. Chad Vander Veen with Government Technology takes a spectator's view of this ongoing process that could well serve science, business and government markets, he contends.

Improving Data Latency from 42 Days to 1
Sun, Oracle, SAS Team in Customer Data Warehouse Solution
Egg plc provides banking, insurance, investments and mortgages to more than three million customers through its Internet site and other distribution channels. From Egg's inception in 1998, Sun has supported this online bank with its Web infrastructure and most recently with Egg's Customer Data Warehouse (CDW).
I.T. - An Environmental Threat
Sun's Sustainable Computing Offers Remedies

Most organizations do not even consider the negative impact IT has on the environment. Sun has investigated the direct and indirect impact of IT on both climate change and sustainable development, and has created a vision for "Sustainable Computing" that addresses many of these environmental challenges.

    Java Technology
    "The Java Programming Language, Fourth Edition"
    Reflects Java SE 5.0 and Current Best Practices
    A completely revised Fourth Edition of "The Java Programming Language" is available, reflecting the major enhancements of the Java Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (Java SE). Written by James Gosling, Ken Arnold and David Holmes, this manual is a valuable resource for programmers at all levels of expertise.'s Java Technology Web Crawler
    A Sophisticated, Massively Scaled Java Application
    A Java technology web crawler has been created by that could be the most sophisticated and massively scaled Java technology application today. Reportedly, this web crawler obtains information on over three billion web pages and writes over eight terabytes of data on 30 fully distributed servers in seven days.
    How to Secure Java EE Applications
    With Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 and Application Server 8.1

    In a Sun Developer Network technical article, Srividhya (Vidhya) Narayanan, Chris Webster and Marina Sum explain the security aspects of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition and demonstrate how to protect resources in a sample web application and a web service with Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 and Sun Java System Application Server 8.1.

    Develop a Java Business Integration Service Engine Component
    Technical White Paper Offers Hands-on Example

    A Sun technical white paper entitled "Developing a Service Engine Component" gives interested Java developers a hands-on example of the construction and deployment of a Java Business Integration (JBI) service engine component. The JBI 1.0 specification was approved this summer as a final standard by the Java Community Process (JCP).

    Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 8/05
    Offers Multi-site Disaster Recovery
    Sun has announced the release of the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 8/05 software, a brand new product from the N1 Software organization. Sun Cluster Geographic Edition 3.1 8/05 software enables a multi-site disaster recovery solution that manages the availability of application services and data across geographically dispersed Sun Clusters.
    Sun Secure Global Desktop Software
    Solution Eases System Consolidation, Management Operations
    Now customers can consolidate critical desktop applications and data onto the data center servers easily and simply with Sun Secure Global Desktop Software which provides secure access to server-based applications running on Microsoft Windows, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Mainframe and Midrange systems from a wide variety of client platforms and devices.
    Sun N1 System Manager
    Provisions and Manages Horizontally Scalable Systems
    Sun is helping customers address the complexities of managing proliferating IT systems with its new infrastructure life cycle management software, Sun N1 System Manager. Designed specifically to address the problems associated with managing infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, N1 System Manager helps customers provision, monitor, patch, and manage Sun Fire x64 servers and SPARC workgroup servers.
    StarOffice 8 and StarSuite 8 Coming in October
    Many New Features, Including Improved MS Office Interoperability

    Sun has announced the release of its office productivity solution, Sun StarOffice8/StarSuite 8, which comes in two editions, Enterprise Edition - sold as the Enterprise RTU/Media product on the Sun/partner price lists - and the Standard Edition - included in the retail/etail offering, the download and OEM version.

    Using the OpenSolaris Source Code Browser
    A Painless Way to Explore the Codebase
    If you're new to the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), John Stearns recommends an easy way to get a quick exposure to the code, which is through the OpenSolaris source browser. A download of the complete codebase for those interested in working on an OpenSolaris project also is available.
    A New Path to Developer Collaboration Among Distant Work Sites
    Sun Paves the Way by Releasing Code to NetBeans Community

    Both Ashwin Rao and Marina Sum agree that the best possible exploitation of the monumental release by Sun of the collaborative development capabilities in the Sun Java Studio Enterprise Software to the NetBeans open source environment will result from the collaborative efforts of developers themselves.

    "Ajax in Action" Offers Some New Twists on Familiar Web Technologies
    Download Chapters from the Publisher's Web Site
    Ajax developers Dave Crane and Eric Pascarello have written "Ajax in Action," a guide aimed at web developers with prior experience in web technologies, independent of the server technologies used. Portions of the book, whose publication date is set for October, are available as downloads from the publisher's web site.
    Getting the Most From Your eBay Web Site
    Put the NetBeans IDE to Work for You

    At the recent eBay Developers Conference in San Jose, California, NetBeans evangelist Brian Leonard demonstrated in just a few minutes the value of the NetBeans IDE for creating a simple storefront manager that enables sellers on eBay to alter the look and theme of their web site.

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