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Sun Secure Global Desktop Software 4.2
Gives Users Secure Access to Multiple Applications, Systems
The open-standards based Sun Secure Global Desktop Software 4.2 gives users secure access to server-based applications running on Linux, UNIX, Windows operating systems and mainframe and midrange systems from a wide variety of client platforms and devices. It delivers applications over intranet, extranet and Internet, including security and encryption.
Sun Java Availability Suite
The Smart Way to Ensure 24/7 Availability of Mission-critical Services
The Sun Java Availability Suite is a solution that enables users to keep systems up and running whatever the threat - planned maintenance, system failures, power outages, even disasters - for 24/7 availability. The Java Availability Suite can do all of this for a mere USD$50 per employee per year.
Sun Cluster 3.1 8/05 Software Release Announced
Failover Provides High Availability for Mission-critical Systems
Sun Cluster 3.1 8/05, the fourth update release of the solution, was announced on August 23, 2005, and is now generally available. Users turn to Sun Cluster software for application and service failover that provides high availability across mission-critical systems. It can be acquired either alone or as part of the Java Availability Suite.
New to Solaris: A One-stop Center for All Your Solaris OS Needs
Information and Resources for Developers and Students Alike
The impressively varied capabilities of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) are displayed as never before on an array of New to Solaris sites Sun has made available to prospective customers looking for an operating system that meets a host of operational needs.
Entry Level Servers
Sun Fire X2100 Server
Two-way x64 Server with AMD's HyperTransport Technology
The Sun Fire X2100 server is a two-way x64 system powered by either single-core or dual-core AMD Opteron processors and certified to run the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS), Linux and Windows. Customers can run existing 32-bit x64 operating system and applications on the same hardware as they migrate to 64-bit technology.
Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 Servers
Enterprise Class Data Center Cost Cutters
The Sun Fire X4100 and Sun Fire X4200 are one- to four-way rack servers that are part of Sun's new x64 line of Opteron-based systems. Both are fast, reliable and energy-efficient and vary in that the X4100 is a 1 RU rack server, while the X4200 offers a 2U chassis.
Sun Fire V40z AMD Opteron 848 Server and Options
Supports New AMD 90nm E-stepping and DDR1/400 MHz Memory
Sun has made generally available a new Sun Fire V40z server that offers support for Model 848 E-stepping AMD Opteron processors and DDR1/400 MHz memory. Utilizing a newly modified system and motherboard (S2.0), this configuration is capable of supporting the new AMD 90nm E-stepping processors and the systems are upgradable to dual-core processors.
Sun Fire V440 Administration and Troubleshooting
One-Day, Web-based Course for Support Engineers
System administrators working with Sun Fire V440 systems may be interested in a new Sun training course that addresses installation, configuration and troubleshooting of this entry-level server. This one-day, web-based course will give participants the chance to perform FRU replacements, configure RAID and use ALOM to troubleshoot issues.
Sun StorEdge 3320 SCSI Array for Workgroup, Department Use
A High-density, Modular, Enterprise-class Solution
The new Sun StorEdge 3320 SCSI array is a high-density, modular, enterprise-class solution designed for the workgroup and departmental environment. The key features of this solution are its Ultra320 SCSI support; Telcordia NEBS Level 3 certification; MIL-STD-810F air, land and sea specification compliance; and single or dual split bus for single or dual hot-swap redundant RAID controller configurations.
Sun StorEdge C2 Tape Autoloader
Ships with Barcode Reader, Rack Mount Kit, Web-based Management
Another of the new products announced by Sun at NC05Q3 is the Sun StorEdge C2 tape autoloader, which replaces the Sun StorEdge L8 tape autoloader. A denser, more feature-rich, more value-packed solution than the L8 tape autoloader, the C2 tape autoloader is available with the latest drive technologies, including LTO 3 and SDLT 600.
Sun StorEdge C4 and C10 Tape Libraries
High Density in a Small Footprint and at a Good Price Point
Sun has announced the Sun StorEdge C4 and Sun StorEdge C10 tape libraries, which replace the Sun StorEdge L25 and Sun StorEdge L100 tape libraries. The new solutions offer a denser, more feature-rich and higher value product than the solutions they replace. They also come with the latest drive and tape automation technologies.
Sun Offers Service Plan for Windows OS on Sun Fire x64 Servers
Offers Integrated Hardware Maintenance, Operating System Support
One of the new product offerings for NC05Q3 from Sun is the Service Plan for Windows OS, available to customers who run that solution on their Sun Fire x64 servers. Four different levels of service are offered, enabling customers to choose the plan best fitted to their operational needs.
Sun Offers Free 60-day "Try & Buy" Program
For Certain Sun Java Enterprise, Java System Suite Buyers

Buyers of a one-year subscription license for either Sun Java Enterprise Systems or Sun Java System Suites can, for a limited time, enjoy a 60-day "Try & Buy" program that provides free customized preventive solution support featuring direct access to an assigned Sun technical solution support engineer by either local phone call and/or email.

Sun Renames Software Support Services as Software Service Plans
Only the Name Has Changed; Services Levels, Pricing Remain

Sun Software Service Plans, now renamed but featuring the same services as their predecessors, the Software Support Services, are available in two levels of service under the licensing structure of the software product involved. Customers can choose between support that covers extended business hours, or they can choose around-the-clock service for their mission-critical deployments.

    Sun Managed Disaster Recovery Service Proves Its Worth
    Hurricane Katrina Puts the Package to the Test

    The ravages of Hurricane Katrina have won a number of staunch adherents to the Sun Managed Disaster Recovery Service packages designed for recovery of business operations, as both Larry Greenemeier (writing for InformationWeek) and Karen D. Schwartz (writing for eWeek) point out in their articles on the subject.

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