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New Sun Partner Advantage Program
To Replace Sun iForce Partner Program
Sun is replacing its iForce Partner Program with the new Sun Partner Advantage Program, whose first phase of implementation will focus on ISVs along with enhancing its offerings to facilitate a stronger working relationship with Sun and expand business opportunities. The implementation of future phases will target resellers, system integrators and OEMs.
Constructing Internet Access Centers for Hurricane Ravaged Areas
Sun Volunteers Expertise, Personnel and Donations

Sun and the Sun Foundation sent volunteers and technicians to assist the Red Cross donation sites and its communications equipment in an effort to bring relief and hope to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Sun technicians are working to put infrastructure in place to expand connectivity for evacuees and companies in the areas impacted.

Significant Market Shift Expected by Impact from Multicore Processing
IDC Report Finds Profound Effects Expected by 2009 on IT Infrastructure
IDC believes multicore processing may be one of the most significant industry developments of the past 40 years. As an innovation that threatens to disrupt the delicate IT ecosystem, according to an IDC press release, multicore processing's expected impact on IT infrastructure is accelerating with each generation of its technology, resulting in a significant market shift in the 2009–2010 time frame.
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Free and Open Source S/W
Download 2.0 Beta 2
Significant Advancements Ready for Community Testing 2.0 Beta 2 is available for immediate download and evaluation. Windows users are cautioned to be sure to download the file containing the latest date. Designed to resemble and perform as Microsoft Office and Lotus SmartSuite do, 2.0 is, by contrast, entirely free.
eWeek Reviews 2.0 Beta 2
Improved Interoperability, Stability and Enhanced Features Noted 2.0 Beta 2 caught the eye of Gene J. Koprowski and Sean Gallagher of eWeek, who noted the availability of the free download, which they report supports Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). The writers also observe that the reception for this free Beta will have implications for the reception of StarOffice 8 Office Suite, which builds on the OpenOffice 2.0 code.
Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL) Retired
Move Supports OSI Recommendation to Limit License Proliferation

With the retirement on September 2nd of the Sun Industry Standard Source License (SISSL), that licensing scheme will no longer be available to open source projects. Sun's move was made in cooperation with the Open Source Initiative (OSI), which has recently been encouraging a limit to license proliferation.

OSGi Alliance Provides Early Access Peek at Service Platform
Release 4 Core Specification Posted on Alliance Web Site

In a recent post on the OSGi Alliance Web site, Release 4 Core Specification for the forthcoming OSGi Service Platform is available for sneak preview. Release 4 will provide the base for new mobility services for cars, portable devices, mobile phones and other environments, while also adding powerful modularization capabilities to Java technology.

Mozilla Comes of Age, Says Dr. Axel Hecht
Developers Can Expect to Write Their Applications in Mozilla
Edd Dumbill, editor-at-large for O'Reilly Network, gives readers a preview of the comments expected from Dr. Axel Hecht, a member of Mozilla Europe's board of directors, on the prospects for that solution's use as a development platform. Hecht will address O'Reilly's European Open Source Convention in mid-October.
Incorporating StorageTek Products, Technologies, Personnel
Mark Canepa Talks About Sun's Strategy Following StorageTek Acquisiton
Mark Canepa, executive vice president of the Network Storage Products Group at Sun will be heading the new Sun/StorageTek division, which is expected to be housed on StorageTek's campus in Louisville, Colo. Recently, Canepa spoke to Lucas Mearian with ComputerWorld about the company's plans on incorporating StorageTek products, technologies and personnel over the coming months.
Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Gateway System
Enables NAS Functionality to be Added to Existing SAN Infrastructures

The Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Gateway System offers a cost-effective way of adding NAS functionality to existing SAN infrastructures without burdensome reinvestment or extensive architectural modification. With a converged storage environment, organizations can realize significant enhancements in operational efficiency and resource utilization enabled by this new Sun release.

Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array 146GB 15Krpm Drive Configurations
Supports up to 1.7TB in a Single Array

Sun is announcing the Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array configurations using 146GB 15Krpm FC disk drives along with two stand-alone 146GB 15Krpm FC drive parts. These configurations will be generally available and fully regulatory compliant to be sold worldwide by September 13, 2005.

Additional Configurations for the Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI Array
300GB 10Krpm and 146GB 15Krpm Disk Drives Now Offered

Beginning September 13th, the Sun StorEdge 3120 SCSI Array will offer a 1U high, 300GB 10Krpm and 146GB 15Krpm SCSI disk drive configurations. The 300GB 10Krpm disk drive array will support up to 1.2TB in a single array, while the 146GB 15Krpm disk drive configuration will support up to .5TB.

NetBeans Developer Collaboration Project Invites You!
Join in Developing Framework for Collaboration-aware Applications
Interest in the Developer Collaboration feature of the NetBeans 4.1 platform has generated a new community project to further advance this technology. The NetBeans Developer Collaboration project is based on components from the Sun Java Studio Enterprise and Sun Java System Instant Messaging software products to provide a framework for developing collaboration-aware applications.
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