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Sun's Scalable Systems Group Readies Releases
David Yen Shares Products' Roadmaps with John J. McLaughlin
Sun is readying for three major launches in its system hardware, namely Opteron, UltraSPARC IV+ and the Niagara chip. Recently, Sun Executive Vice President of the company's Scalable Systems Group David Yen spoke with System News Editor-in-Chief and CTO John J. McLaughlin regarding the impact these innovations will have on Sun's product line.
StorageTek Becomes Part of Sun's Data Management Group
Acquisition Complete Following Stockholders Approval
Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek) stockholders voted this past Tuesday, approving the acquisition agreement between their company and Sun. Preliminary results showed that 76,946,399 shares or 99.2 percent approved agreement that will make StorageTek a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Microsystems upon the closing of the proposed transaction.
Sun's Acquistion of SeeBeyond Technology Corporation Complete
Now Operating as a Subsidiary Within Sun's Software Division
Sun's acquisition of SeeBeyond Technology Corporation is complete following this month's approval by SeeBeyond stockholders, who will receive USD$4.25 per share for an aggregate consideration of approximately $383 million, which includes the assumption of employee stock options. With the close of this deal, SeeBeyond is now a subsidiary operating within Sun's Software Division.
Electronic Health Information Network on the Horizon
Sun and InstantDX Announce Joint Initiative for Physician-based EHR
Sun and InstantDX have announced a joint initiative to provide a new physician-based electronic health record (EHR) designed in compliance with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' objectives for a nationwide interoperable health information network that will host electronic health records for all Americans.
New Internet Banking Infrastructure Partners ING and Sun
Sun N1 Service Provisioning System Delivers Right Solution, Right on Time
Sun has developed and implemented a new internet banking infrastructure for the global financial institution ING's largest Dutch retail bank, Postbank. This new environment has been designed with future growth and flexibility in mind, using the Sun N1 Service Provisioning System, which simplifies application lifecycle management by rapidly provisioning business services that span multiple tiers across heterogeneous environments.
Financial Regulatory Services Provider Invests in Sun Systems
Sun StorEdge, Sun Fire, Solaris Secure Deal with NASD
Private-sector provider of financial regulatory services NASD has implemented Sun technologies and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) for a number of its business-critical applications. Plans are for the Sun StorEdge 6920 system to be implemented soon to help the company improve efficiency through consolidated applications data management and better utilization of storage resources. - Open Source Software for Solaris
Donations Needed to Maintain Operations is an open source community Web site for Solaris users to access available open source software as well as facilitate users' desire to create their own software packages. This self-maintained group creates sets of binary packages of free software for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) architecture along with software maintenance.
Ninth Jini Community Meeting Set for October 19-20 in Chicago
Learn More About the Power of Jini Technology
The Ninth Annual Jini Community Meeting offers two days of technical, business/marketing and general sessions on the power of Jini technology and how it can help you and your business build dynamic, adaptive systems. Call for Papers has been extended to September 12th, 2005, and registration is still be taken free-of-charge, but space is limited.
    Sun Java Integration Suite
    New Tool for Creating Process-driven Applications Economically
    The Sun Java Integration Suite is now available as the sixth suite in the Sun Java Enterprise System. The addition of this suite bolsters the reputation of the Java Enterprise System as the premier solution for Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), web services and composite applications.
    Free Download of Solaris Security Toolkit 4.2 Available
    Includes Important Changes to Support Solaris 10 OS

    The Solaris Security Toolkit 4.2 Release is now available as a free immediate download. The Solaris Security Toolkit, an extensible, flexible solution for hardening and auditing the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), will enable users to secure SPARC-based and x86-/x64-based systems. Sun recommends the use of the Sun Download Manager.

    Using Solaris Zones, Resource Management in Solaris 10 OS
    Achieve Higher Levels of Consolidation, Better System Utilization

    Promoting an understanding of Solaris Zones - a feature of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) - and learning how to use the solution more capably is the object of Jennifer Rodoni Glore's Sun BigAdmin feature article entitled "Understanding the Basics About Solaris Containers in the Solaris 10 OS."

    Administering the Sun N1 Grid Engine 6 Software
    Using Host Groups and Cluster Queues

    Charu Chaubal focuses on one of the more useful features of the Sun N1 Grid Engine 6 Software, namely the use of cluster queues and host groups to streamline administration and ease the implementation of scheduling policies in the solution, in a recent Sun BluePrints OnLine article.

    Sun Ultra 20 Workstation Free with Sun Support Services Purchase
    Comes With AMD Opteron Processor, Solaris 10 OS and More
    One of the most attractive IT bargains of the day has to be Sun's offer of a free Sun Ultra 20 Workstation to everyone who signs up for three years of Sun support services at only USD$29.95. Typically retailing for USD$895, the Sun Ultra 20 Workstation is a multiplatform, dual-core-ready workstation.
    Earn "Bucks" for Your Solaris OS, Sun Studio Knowledge
    BigAdmin Bucks Program Granting Rewards for Submissions
    The Sun BigAdmin Bucks Program offers developers turned writers rewards for their technical tips and articles submitted between now and December 31, 2005, when this solicitation is scheduled to end. Sun is seeking submissions on Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) development and Sun Studio tools.
    Sun Studio Compiler for Linux OS Available
    Alpha Download of Latest Build Runs on x64/x86-based Systems
    An alpha release of the build of Sun Studio compilers for the Linux OS is available for download from the Sun Download Center. This version is being made freely available to the Linux community for evaluation purposes on x64 (AMD64) and x86-based systems. Sun does caution that alpha releases are technology previews.
    Unscrambling the Internet with JXTA Technology
    P2P Interactions as They Were Originally Conceived

    Sun has developed JXTA technology that has the capability to restore the Internet to its original promise as a system of complex, versatile P2P communication immune from denial of service attacks. Janice J. Heiss explores this possibility in her piece entitled, "JXTA Technology Brings the Internet Back to Its Origin."

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