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Crunching Data in the Storage Array
Dick Sillman Explains Project Honeycomb
Dick Sillman and his group at Sun Labs have just transferred a project called Honeycomb to the Network Storage Group, where it is expected to create some buzz and start bringing in revenue by year's end. He explains how Honeycomb deals with component failure and guards against data loss.
Sun's Latest Line of Application Switches - The N2000 Series
Offers Low Cost,/High Throughput of Hardware, Flexibility of Software
Josh Weiss, general manager of Sun's networking and switching technologies group, explained the virtues of the Sun Secure Application Switch - N2000 Series in Sun's Inner Circle Newsletter for August 2005. Weiss attributes its superior performance to a reliance on custom-built hardware rather than software running on a microprocessor.
Free and Open Source S/W
Build 20 of OpenSolaris Now Available for Download
Delivery Includes Source for IP and Related Modules
Build 20 of OpenSolaris is now available for download, including the source for IP and related modules, particularly the IPSec code. First-time downloaders are cautioned to install Solaris Express - Community Release Build 16 or later before installing OpenSolaris. This is recommended whether it is an initial install or an upgrade to Build 16.
Eight Vendors Pass SAML 2.0 Interoperability Testing
Also Qualified for Liberty Alliance Project's Identity Web Services 1.1

Eight vendors, among them Sun, have passed the Liberty Alliance Project's Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 interoperability testing. Darryl K. Taft reports in eWeek that the other vendors include the Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute, Ericsson, Novel Inc., Oracle Corp., Reactivity, Symlabs Inc. and Trustgenix Inc.

The Open Group Creates Certtification Program for IT Architects
Both Individuals and Organizations Eligible for Accreditation
The Open Group, a software vendor consortium, has established a program that assesses the skills of IT architects -- both individuals and organizations -- toward accreditation and vendor-neutral certification. David Rubenstein reports this development for SD Times, where he cites the attributes measured. Sun is a member of The Open Group governing board.
    "Open Source for the Enterprise: Managing Risks, Reaping Rewards"
    A 'How-To' for Venturesome IT Managers, Corporate Administrators
    Authors Dan Woods and Gautam Guliani take the middle road in their book "Open Source for the Enterprise," in that they neither tout open source as the long-sought panacea for IT departments struggling with shrinking budgets nor spread a wet blanket of pessimism over open source as some writers on the subject have felt bound to do.
    Liberty Alliance Project Works on Identity Theft Lexicon
    Defining Terms in the Hope of Creating More Effective Regulation

    Ever since the Liberty Alliance Project established ID-Theft SIG, an identity theft special interest group, in April 2005, it has been at work on a lexicon of terms designed to define exactly what identity theft is and is not, reports China Martens for IDG News Service.

    Open Source Development Labs Seeks to Avoid Patent Infringement
    Patent Commons Project to List Patents Available for Open Source Work

    The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) recently announced the creation of a Patent Commons Project described as a one-stop location for the developer community by OSDL CEO Stuart Cohen. Developers who need to avoid patent infringement in their open source work will find this project a great benefit.

    ATO Configurations for Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Appliances
    Option to Receive Appliance Fully Rack Mounted, Cabled
    The Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Appliances now has ATO configurations offering customers the choice of ordering this product fully rack mounted and cabled. The Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Appliance supports UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows clients, simplifying file sharing among disparate platforms.
    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Protection Manager 4.1
    Offers Rapid Backup, Recovery Operation for Microsoft Servers

    Taking advantage of the Sun StorEdge 9985 and Sun StorEdge 9990 storage system replication technologies, Sun has developed the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Protection Manager 4.1 that enables "disk-to-disk" based rapid backup and recovery operation for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft NT File System (NTFS).

    New Sun StorEdge L8500 Pass Thru Port Option
    Consolidates Multiple Libraries to Present as One
    Sun has released the Sun StorEdge L8500 Pass Thru Port Mechanism that allows multiple Sun StorEdge L8500 tape libraries to be interconnected and operated as a single library. Consolidating multiple libraries into a solution that presents as one library to a host provides customers with the ability to grow without disruption.
      Sun StorEdge PCI Single Channel Ultra320 Low Profile SCSI HBA
      Provides Data Throughput up to 320 MB/s

      The Sun StorEdge PCI Single Channel Ultra320 Low Profile SCSI host bus adapter (HBA) is designed to provide data throughput up to 320 MB/s with support for one channel. Released in July, this adapter attaches SCSI Sun StorEdge devices to Sun server platforms at a high throughput rate with a low profile SCSI HBA.

      Sun StorEdge 6130 Array, Five-drive Controller Tray Configurations
      Shortens Lead Times and Simplifies Ordering Process
      To shorten lead time and simply the ordering process, Sun has released the Sun StorEdge 6130 array with five-drive depopulated controller tray configurations that offer a single marketing part number per drive type. The following fibre channel drive types available are: 73GB 10,000-rpm, 73GB 15,000-rpm, 146GB 10,000-rpm, 146GB 15,000-rpm and 300GB 10,000-rpm.
      Building the Home Subscriber Service on Sun IT Infrastructure
      Replacing Traditional Call Models with the IP Multimedia Subsystem

      The days of the circuit-based traditional call model are numbered, and a successor technology - IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) - is more than ready to assume the role with such new features as "interactive, multimedia-enabled, Internet Protocol (IP) based sessions capable of incorporating any device, on any access network, from anywhere, at any time."

      The Move Toward COTS-based Telecommunications Infrastructures
      Sun Microsystems Telecom Products Meet the Needs of NEPs

      Market pressures are such that Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) can no longer rely on in-house solutions to meet the needs of their telecom customers. Instead they are turning increasingly to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. The Sun Microsystems telecommunications line can spare NEPs the labor of developing the fault management heuristic code typically missing in COTS components.

      Best Practices: "Running Oracle Database in Solaris 10 Containers"
      Making the Most of Oracle Licensing and Software-defined Boundaries

      A best practices document hosted on the Sun Web site examines the process of running a non-RAC Oracle database in a non-global Solaris Container (or local container) and explains the detailed process of creating non-global Solaris Containers appropriate for deploying an Oracle database.

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