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XML Pioneer Tim Bray - Spectator Turned Innovator
ID Management, RSS, Memory-resident Architectures in His Sight
Tim Bray is both one of the co-inventors of XML and director of web technologies for Sun. In his role at Sun, Bray stresses identity management as a central issue in web services. He is also committed to ending the turf wars among the competing and incompatible implementations of RSS.
The Neuromancer Project: One Miracle at a Time
Exploring the 'Network of Things'
Sun Distinguished Engineer Jim Waldo likes being out front, which is exactly where he is at the moment in the Neuromancer project, an effort housed at Sun Labs' Burlington, Mass. site, whose current goal is to create a decentralized system whose edge devices are not clients but servers.
"Transient Blocking Synchronization"
Providing Hardware Synchronization in Large Scale Distributed Memory Systems
Authors Ori Shalev and Nir Shavit argue in a Sun Microsystems Laboratories Technical Report that neither the traditional blocking synchronization design nor non-blocking operations will provide the required synchronization support on mega-scale multi-processor machines. They propose instead the technique of transient blocking synchronization (TBS).
    InnovationWell: Improving Knowledge Management in Healthcare
    Community of Practice Provides Consultative Services, Training
    InnovationWell, a member-based network of experts and Community of Practice (CoP) dedicated to the improvement of knowledge management across the pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare sectors, is also committed to the delivery of knowledge-based solutions and services to these industries.
    Sun Java System
    Sun Java Studio Creator 2 Impresses eWeek Labs
    Technological Advancements, Usability Improvements Applauded

    eWEEK Labs recently tested the early access release of the Sun Java Studio Creator 2, whose final upgrade is expected by November. Writer Peter Coffee compliments this IDE's ease-of-use and foolproof capabilities. He commends Java Studio Creator 2's coherence that confines editing operations to well-architected property structures as well as other new and enhanced capabilities.

    Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 Early Access Release
    Be an Early Adopter of Release 8
    The early access release for the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 is now available to download from the Sun Java Studio Enterprise Web site. This award-winning IDE is based on the NetBeans 4.1 platform that offers a toolset with complete support for enterprise software development.
    Sun Java StorEdge Software and Suites
    Subscription Pricing Provides Options in Purchasing Storage

    The Sun Java StorEdge Software and Suites will be offering customers innovative subscription pricing for a complete software bundle with heterogeneous storage management, data services, file systems, availability, archiving, compliance, monitoring and all with Sun's support, training and consulting services. Its per-employee and per-TB pricing addresses the needs of any sized business.

    Using Sun Java System Identity Manager in the Solaris OS
    Sun BigAdmin Articles Target Service and RBAC Profiles

    Scott Fehrman, Sun systems engineer in the Identity Management Practice, has written two articles explaining how to take advantage of the Sun Java System Identity Manager to maximize the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). One of the articles describes how to configure identity manager as a service for Solaris OS, while the other discusses RBAC profiles.

    "Sun Java Studio Creator 2 Design Patterns"
    Small Design Concepts for Implementing Application Components
    Maximize features of the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 by learning its recommended best practices in designing and creating applications. In the first of three articles to outline these guidelines, Beth Stearns describes miniature design patterns for implementing the various components of an application using Java Studio Creator 2.
    EOL for Sun Java System Portal Server 6.1 Product Family
    Last Order Date Set for October 28th

    The Sun Java System Portal Server 6.1 product family (formerly known as Sun ONE Portal Server) has reached its end of life (EOL) with its last order date set for October 28, 2005, last ship date set for January 27, 2006, and its end of service life scheduled for January 27, 2011.

    Lower Pricing on CPU Parts for Sun Fire V40z Servers
    Even More Competive Solutions for Customers, Partners, Resellers
    Select Sun Fire V40z server CPU parts have been repriced to remain a competitive option for entry-level server customers. Lower pricing has been applied to the Sun Fire V40z servers with AMD Opteron 850, 852 and 870 CPU options.
    EOL for Brocade 12000 Fibre Channel Port Blade
    Brocade SilkWorm 24000 Director Named as Replacement

    The Brocade 12000 Fibre Channel Port Blade is being replaced by the Brocade SilkWorm 24000 Director, which is now the primary director product from Brocade. The last order date is set for October 28, 2005, the last ship date is January 27, 2006 and end of service life is January 27, 2011.

    New and Repriced Hardware Spare Parts
    For Sun Blade, Sun Fire and Sun StorEdge Systems

    Sun's new and repriced spare parts for the end of July and early August have been released, appealing to customers interested in Sun Blade, Sun Fire and Sun StorEdge hardware. Sun hardware spare parts have incorporated the latest design improvements by Sun engineering and are verified by extensive factory testing to minimize compatibility problems.

    Unified Sun Hardware Knowledge Module for Patrol Update Release
    Extends Range of Sun Systems ProActively Monitored
    Customers using BMC PATROL monitoring and management software for their Sun environments may be interested in the new Unified Sun Knowledge Module (KM) for PATROL. This updated release extends the range of Sun systems that can be monitored by this KM and includes support for systems running the Sun Cluster software, version 3.1
    Sun Fire 15K and Sun Fire 12K Remanufactured Servers
    Available in 1.2 GHz Configurations with Solaris OS RTU License
    Sun is offering three new 1.2 GHz configurations of the Sun Fire 15K server and one new 1.2 GHz configuration of the Sun Fire 12K server. These remanufactured products carry the same warranty as new Sun products and come with a Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) Right-to-Use (RTU) license.
    Remanufactured Sun Fire E2900 Servers
    Offer Includes Selected X-options
    Remanufactured Sun Fire E2900 servers configured with USS400, 1200 MHz processors are now available in limited supply, along with selected x-options. The remanufactured x-options include CPU/memory board with four UltraSPARC IV 1200 MHz processors with 8 MB Ecache each and 16 GB memory for the Sun Fire E2900/V1280.
    End-of-Life Comes for Sun Fire V880 Server Line
    Sun Fire V890 Server Family Announced as Replacement Product
    Sun has announced the end-of-life (EOL) for all configurations of the Sun Fire V880 server. The last order date will be October 14, 2005, and the last ship date January 13, 2006. The end-of-service life date is January 13, 2011. The Sun Fire V890 server family is the replacement product.
    Netra 120 Server's Last Order Date Extended for Three Months
    Extended Time to Upgrade to Follow-on Netra 1U Server
    The Netra 120 server end-of-life for all options and configurations was announced on June 7, 2005 [14665] with a last order date of December 16, 2005. That last order date has been extended to March 16, 2006, giving customers additional time to upgrade to the follow-on Netra 1U server, which is scheduled to be announced in Q1CY06.
    Netra CT820 Release Version 1.0 Reaches End-of-Life
    Unavailability of Critical Components Leads to Decision

    Sun has announced end-of-life (EOL) for the Netra CT820 Server because critical components necessary to achieve Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) are no longer available. No replacement product has been designated for the Netra CT820.

    Education and Research
    "Understanding Data-Grid Architecture for Higher Education"
    Knowledge Technology on Campus in the Post-digital Era

    This Sun technical white paper makes a clear distinction between compute grids and its subject technology, the data grid. The data grid is the vehicle, in the eyes of the authors, for moving the academy to the next level -- the post-digital level -- of support for knowledge.

      Educators Can Save up to 50 Percent Off Sun Servers
      Sun Fire Discounted Models Offer Competitive Price/Performance

      Sun is offering substantial discounts to educators on its two-way Sun Fire V20z, four-way Sun Fire V40z, Sun Fire V490 and Sun Fire V890 servers. These servers offer competitive price/performance and leading-edge technologies of either AMD Opteron processors or Sun's UltraSPARC/Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) platform.

      Student Developer Program Launches e-Newsletter
      Sign Up to Receive News on Free Resources, Programs

      An important of Sun's new Student Developer Program is its e-newsletter, produced exclusively for student developers. The monthly e-newsletter is a helpful source of information on new products, free resources, tutorials, tools, games, events and more.

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